I hated to pay for an emergency HVAC tech from Evansville

I live in a very small city just west of Evansville, Indiana.

When I need to go to the store for paper towels, toilet paper, or dog food, I travel into Evansville for the day.

I try to make only one trip, because it costs about $60 in gas to go to Evansville and back. I went to the city a couple of days ago to buy new filters for the HVAC system in the house. The HVAC system has been acting sluggish. The heat has not been coming on as quickly as I would like. When I looked at the furnace filter, it was dirty, dusty, and dingy. I thought that would be a great place to start. While I was in Evansville, my wife called to tell me that the heater wasn’t working at all anymore. It was putting out cold air instead of warm air. I didn’t know how to fix the problem off the top of my head, so I told my wife to contact an emergency HVAC technician from evansville. I hated to pay the extra prices for the emergency HVAC technician, but I knew it was going to be the fastest and easiest way to get the problem fixed. I was happy to see the emergency service technician was already at the house by the time I got back with groceries and supplies. My wife and I unloaded everything while the tech worked on the furnace. The guy had a pretty good idea of the problem and he was ready to start the repair.

ductless heat pump replacement Evansville IN

Moving around and liking Oregaon the best

I like that I can actually have edibles for once

I have moved around a bunch for work. My home state was New York. I was used to snow and ocld 90% of the year. I just hated it. I was constantly freezing cold and relying on my heater. New York is horrible when it comes to restrictions. The COVID stuff was handled so poorly in New York. You know there are no plastic bags there anymore either? Then I got moved to Florida for work. I loved the sunshine state for a few years. I then realized that I absolutely hated the weather. Way too hot in Florida. It is the opposite of New York. 90% of the time I couldn’t go outside due to the heat. I had to constantly be in the shade. My AC system ran non stop. It wasn’t worth the beaches and surf. There were looser guidelines in Florida, but that wasn’t always a good thing. I mean nobody walks their dog on a leash and instead just lets them roam free. Now I live in Portland, Oregon. I have found that this is good in between weather. The people are friendly and there is a lot to do. Another pro of this state is recreational cannabis. I wouldn’t have thought that Oregon had legal weed. New York and Florida are medical only. Being able to just walk into a dispensary and get what I want is liberating. I like that I can actually have edibles for once. With medical prescriptions getting an edible is very rare. I love my new state and my city of Portland. I hope I stay here awhile.


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Glad I booked in the city since the park was a letdown

Joshua Tree National Park is a three hour drive outside of Las Vegas.

That park was a big draw to the area for me.

I thought the scenery looked so cool. I debated on where I should book my stay and decided that staying in Las Vegas would be best. I would only want a day in the park. One long drive that day wouldn’t be too bad. I felt the park was worth it. Then afterwards I would have everything I could want in the city. I am so thankful I booked a hotel in the city. Joshua Tree National Park wasn’t what I thought. It was just a tree in the severe heat. I was bored within a few moments. I still walked around, took pictures and did all the tourist stuff. It wasn’t the highlight of my trip. I didn’t brag about Joshua tree and tell everyone I know they had to see it. Instead what I brought back story wise was how neat Vegas was. I enjoyed eating some really great meals, shopping in high end stores and trying legal weed. I liked that recreational cannabis was allowed there. I was able to just walk into a dispensary and pick out what I wanted. I liked getting a little high, finding a good place to eat and watching the city start up for the evening. Las Vegas is really fun for a few days. I gambled a bit too because you have to be in that area. I wouldn’t have thought that gambling would be more fun than a national park, but it was.


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Right near Lowell on our layover

My husband and I had a big layover in Michigan of all places. I looked around to see what places were nearby the airport. I figured my husband and I could spend a day or two there rather than sit around in an airport 24 hours. Lowell turned out to be just a 20 minute uber drive. I figured that city would offer nothing for us. However, staying in any city for a day would be better than sitting in an airport. Lowell was actually very nice. My husband and I found quickly that recreational cannabis is legal there. The two of us shopped around and found a local dispensary that we liked. I tried all sorts of different edibles. My husband wanted a cannabis oil to vape. We spent our day wisely. The two of us shopped while high as a kite. We also ate a really great meal out and stayed in the nicest hotel in the area. It made for a very fun, interesting day. I had never thought to myself that I wanted to visit Michigan. I had never heard of Lowell until my layover. Now that I have, I say it is worth a stop. I wouldn’t want to stay there for an entire vacation, but a day or two was great. It broke up our travel time too. The city was right near the airport so the two of us didn’t have to get up early the next day to fly. It just worked out planwise so well. The long layover ended up being a good thing.


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