I had to finish the marijuana before I got to the airport

My friends and I went to Denver for a couple of days.

We had to fly to the location, because we don’t live in the midwest anywhere close to the city of Denver.

We were excited to spend a couple of days in the city and we planned to go to a ski resort while we were there. My friends and I had a great time while we were in Denver. We even decided to try some recreational Cannabis products while we were in town. I went to the dispensary and purchased several different items. I still had some cannabis products left the day that we had to leave for the airport. I smoked the two gram marijuana joint with my friends and I felt really high when we left for the airport. When we arrived, I remembered a package of cannabis edibles that were still in my backpack. I didn’t want to waste the $13 that I paid for the edibles, so I ate every piece of candy before I went into the airport. By the time the plane took off, I was ready to fall asleep. On the flight to Denver, I was a little nervous and anxious, but I slept the entire way back home and I barely remembered the flight at all. My friend and I had a great time in Denver and we enjoyed the few days that we had to ski. Going to the resort was a really nice treat and definitely the type of activity my friends and I would like to do again in the future.



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Somebody was smoking weed on the boat

The commotion only lasted a few minutes and then we started tying bait to our poles.

My friends and I live in a state with legal recreational cannabis laws. The laws are very lenient and most people do not get in trouble for using cannabis, even in public. As long as you are being discreet, the cops usually don’t care if someone is smoking a joint or hitting a vape pen. Unfortunately, the same is not true everywhere. Some California cities have different rules and laws regarding marijuana. My friends and I went on a deep sea fishing boat while we were visiting San Francisco. We had our vape pen in our pockets. We were trying to be discreet, but we were also trying to stay medicated. I could smell someone smoking weed on the other side of the boat, but I wasn’t trying to get anyone into trouble. When we stopped and dropped anchor, the boat captain came downstairs and I heard a commotion on the left side of the boat. The commotion only lasted a few minutes and then we started tying bait to our poles. My friend asked one of the deckhands what happened and he told us that someone was putting a pre-rolled joint out on the side of the boat. The captain didn’t care if we were smoking marijuana, but he wasn’t going to let someone vandalize his boat with a marijuana cigarette. The native San Francisco resident had to sit in the captain’s quarters while everyone else enjoyed their fishing. The guy did not get a refund on his money and he was lucky the Coast Guard wasn’t waiting for him when he got back to the dock.

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We won tickets to Six Flags while on vacation

My buddy and I went to visit some friends in Oakland.

That is right outside of San Francisco.

In fact, we flew into the airport at San Francisco, because the flights were the cheapest. The first thing I wanted To do was go to the beach. I had not seen the West Coast or the Pacific Ocean. The first thing my buddy wanted to do was go to a legal recreational dispensary. Our friends were bragging about the legal recreational dispensaries and marijuana laws and that is one of the reasons why we decided to visit. My buddy won the coin toss and we drove over to a legal recreational dispensary. We rented a car and all of the radio stations were preset to stations that were local. We found a rock radio station and listened to several songs on our way to the dispensary. A few minutes before we arrived at our destination, the radio station had a contest to win tickets to Six Flags. The adventure park is about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. I certainly didn’t expect to get the tickets when I called the radio station multiple times, and I was surprised when the post picked up the phone and told me that I was caller number 9. My buddy and I won two tickets to go to the Adventure Park while we were in San Francisco. We used the tickets as a free activity and we got to hang out all day for the cost of food and drinks. That was a really neat and cool surprise while on vacation.

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I wanted to visit some people

I wanted to spend the summer time with our Grandma.

I talked to mom as well as dad as well as asked if they minded if I went to Glenville, IL for the summer time as well as spent time with our Grandma.

They didn’t argue about our going, but they seemed a bit concerned. Mom’s fight was that this would be the last summer time for me to be at home. Next summer time all of us will be getting ready for me to go to university. I’m sure she felt love I was leaving her, but it was just the summer. It wasn’t love I was never coming back home. Finally, I was on the plane as well as Glenville, IL bound. I got off the plane as well as realized the temperature was only in the eighties. It was nearly ninety-several when I got on the plane. I was revelling in how nice it was to be outside as well as still able to breathe. My mom’s mom as well as dad’s father were waiting for me at the airport. I didn’t even know they were friends. Grandma said that when they met while all of us were there last summer, they became friends. The way they smiled at each other reminded me of how mom as well as dad smiled at each other. I didn’t care, because I was in glenville, IL to check out the university, as well as get our application turned in. When all of us got to Grandma’s apartment, I almost shivered… IShe had the air conditioning on, but it was still cold. I guessed there was going to be a lot to get used to besides just the air conditioning. Grandma as well as Grandfather were unquestionably close.



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