The tshirt fabric wasn't as requested

When the new Denver dispensary location opened in April, I ordered T-shirts for all of the staff.

I wanted the staff to have matching uniforms that were just a little bit different than the regular shirts for the marijuana dispensary staff.

I ordered a t-shirt from the manufacturer and they sent a sample in the mail a couple of days later. I approved the sample and the t-shirts were produced. They were shipped via FedEx one week later. I was very upset when I received the shirts. The quality of the fabric wasn’t what we discussed and it definitely wasn’t the same quality of fabric that was presented to me in the first sample. We only had a week until the Denver dispensary location opened for business. I wasn’t sure that we would be able to get the right shirt before opening day. I contacted the manufacturer and I told them about the problem with us. They tried to argue that the fabric was the same. I knew it was a mistake to deal with the same company a second time, so I contacted a local company to see if they could help us fulfill the order. They had the shirts ready in two days and they used soft, breathable cotton. The colors were bright and vibrant and the name of the Denver dispensary was easily visible on the back. After the grand opening celebration, I contacted the original manufacturing company and their corporate office. I requested a full refund for the shirts and I threatened them with a loss of statewide business if they did not come up with the money.
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The sale prices were about 20% lower than the rest of town

My girlfriend and I ran out of marijuana last time we were in San Francisco.

We visit San Francisco frequently.

There are a lot of places that are fun to go. Some of them are indoors and some of them are outdoors. When we go to the city, we usually stay for a couple of days. We have stayed in a tent at the state park near San Francisco and we have stayed in a hotel overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Both settings offer a lot of different and fun activities. My favorite activities include going to the beach, the bridge, and Golden gate park. There are about fifty or so different cool attractions near Golden Gate park in San Francisco. The price of marijuana can be very high in the city, so we always try to bring enough supplies to last the entire time that we are in the city. Last time we ran out of marijuana and we needed to find a cheap dispensary in San Francisco. My girlfriend and I searched online for a cheap dispensary in San Francisco. We found one place that had a 20% off sale for all first-time patients. After the sale, the prices were still lower than several of the other dispensaries that the two of us viewed. The place did not deliver to our hotel, so we had to drive quite a distance. Still, it was worth going a couple of miles farther to save money and get a good deal on marijuana in San Francisco, California. We saved at least fifty dollars making the drive.
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The guy wasn’t watching as he left the parking lot

My best friend and I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary last week.

We went to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary because there was a sale that day on all live resin concentrate.

The products were all 20% off. Even the live rosin, cold water hash, and bubble hash products were 20% off as well. My best friend Jack and I are exclusively Vape concentrates, so we take advantage of a sale when one occurs. Jack and I went to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary on Saturday morning. The place was busy, even for the weekend. The parking lot was filled with cars. I found a place to park near the back of the lot. We spent about 15 or 20 minutes shopping inside of the dispensary. I got some really good deals and I purchased a brand new torch and two cans of butane. Jack got some accessories along with his marijuana purchases as well. Both of us were feeling pretty happy and excited by the time we left the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. We were talking about all of the good deals that we received inside of the store, when a car hit me from behind. The car must have been going 30 miles an hour. When the guy hit the back of my car, the airbag deployed. We were still in the parking lot at the time. Thankfully there were lots of people that saw the accident, because we had to contact the police when the other driver claimed it was my fault. The guy refused to give me his insurance information until the police officer arrived.


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Family sister lives in Phoenix, but she might be moving back home

Five years ago, my sister moved to Phoenix with her husband. He was offered a high executive position within a company that required him to move to Arizona. Well, at first, my sister was open to moving and she loved Phoenix because it was a new city for her to explore. Over the years, she has done a lot of hiking, and has sent me some amazing pictures of all the cool hiking trails. And though I am not into the outdoors like she is, I wouldn’t mind going on some of those hikes with her. Unfortunately, due to some marital issues, my sister has decided that she wants to leave Phoenix and move back home. At first, I thought she had finally grown weary of the dry heat out there. In the Summer months, she mostly stayed inside in the air conditioning. So, most of her hikes happened when it was cooler outside. If I lived in Phoenix, I think I would do the same, stay indoors during the hottest months in the year. Personally, I love being in the air conditioner when it is hot outside. In fact, if I lived in Phoenix, my air conditioner would probably stay running 24 hours per day until my body adjusted to the weather conditions. Phoenix seems like a beautiful city, and I am going there to help my sister move. Thankfully, she is waiting until it gets cooler outside to start the process. I don’t know if she will change her mind about leaving, but if she doesn’t, while I am there I will for sure check out a couple of those cool hiking trails.

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