Author: Lucy

I wanted to visit my Grandmother.

I wanted to spend the summer with my grandmother. I talked to mom and dad and asked if they minded if I went to Glenville, IL for the summer and spent time with my grandma. They didn’t argue about my going, but they seemed a bit concerned. Mom’s argument was that this would be the […]

Right weather for the holidays

I love living in Orland Park, Illinois. I like that I get a winter season. I don’t understand how southerners can feel festive when they don’t get cold. I can’t imagine not getting snow and feeling the chill of winter. That is part of the spirit! I always make my winter beginning with a furnace […]

Fresh fish, produce and cannabis at the market

I think it is cannabis anyway One of my favorite things to do in Seattle Washington is to shop. Pike Place Market is such a good spot to do it too. There is a fish market, produce stand, handmade items, spices and just hard to get goods. I love getting my fresh seafood there. I […]

An active California vacation

I am a very active person. When I book a trip I don’t care about museums, shopping or restaurants. I just want to do fun things that are active. I recently booked a trip to California. I am going to fly into Los Angeles, rent a car and stay in Santa Barbara for a few […]