I went to the University of Toronto-St. George and loved smoking in Queen’s Park

Since I grew up in Michigan, my initial plan was to attend college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

My family raised me in a small town outside of Ann Arbor and we drove by the campus regularly whenever we’d drive into town to shop at a mall or large department store.

It wasn’t a matter of getting accepted that made it impossible to attend that school. In fact, I was accepted immediately after I applied. However, the in-state tuition was still too high for me to afford, even with the scholarships that I secured. I am a visual artist and had several scholarships from competitions that I had won during my teen years. Since there was a special art program at the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, I also applied there. When I was accepted, I wasn’t expecting an offer that would reduce my tuition by roughly 80% if I decided to be a student of the University of Toronto. I accepted their offer and began preparing to be a Canadian citizen for the first time, which involved getting a passport and a school visa. Walking around Toronto with my parents for the first time was a fun experience. We got to see the CN Tower, and of course the gorgeous Queen’s Park right outside the University of Toronto college campus. While I was a student, I spent many nights wandering around Queen’s Park with a lit sploof, which is a cigarette with cannabis and tobacco mixed. Back then you had to buy all of your campus off the black market, but nowadays Toronto has over 200 legal cannabis dispensaries to shop at.
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I like to walk my dog in Cedarville Park with my dry-herb weed vaporizer in my pocket

I grew up in a family of dog-people.

We had a german shepherd when I was born and he lived another 10 years.

After he passed away, we had a beagle, dachshund, and another german shepherd in that order. Now that I’m in my mid 20s living alone in the York neighborhood of Toronto, I have a dog of my own. He’s a pug and I adopted him when a close friend living in Quebec had a litter of puppies and couldn’t get rid of them all. Although I wasn’t necessarily looking for a pet, let alone a dog, he was such a cute puppy that I couldn’t say no! I ended up naming him Klaus after my friend Michael’s pug from back in college who had that name. Despite any concerns I might have once harbored regarding my ability to care for Klaus, I’m extremely happy that I adopted him because he gives me a sense of companionship that I didn’t have living 100% alone in my Toronto apartment. It’s also nice having a companion who doesn’t judge me for my cannabis use! Recreational cannabis is legal countrywide in Canada and I love visiting various dispensaries in Toronto. I have a dry-herb weed vaporizer that I like to throw in my pocket when I take my dog on walks in Cedarville Park. I take Arlington Ave until I get to the opening of the Park. Once I’m safely in the park and away from traffic, I get my cannabis vaporizer out of my pocket and start taking puffs of vapor. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy Toronto’s many parks than with a dry-herb weed vaporizer in your pocket and a cute dog at the end of a leash. Next week Klaus can accompany me to Sunnybrook Park in my car.

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My sister and her weed-infused wedding at the 18th-century castle called Casa Loma

We were all admittedly surprised when my sister announced her engagement.

  • Her boyfriend at the time had been going back and forth about wanting a long term relationship with my sister.

Apparently he finally proposed to her after she gave hima massive guilt-trip about their living situation. I hate to say it, but I think he feared losing my sister and his home and having to live out of his car while trying to make it on his own. Hopefully marrying her isn’t a bargaining chip to prevent her from leaving him. Still, I am trying to be supportive of my sister. That’s why I went to her wedding even though I wasn’t supportive of her decision to marry that man. We all live in Toronto and the whole country has had legal recreational cannabis for three years now. Although my sister had expressed a desire to get married at the Casa Loma castle for years now, we only found out at the last minute that she intended it to be a weed-infused wedding. I’m a regular cannabis user, but I don’t know how our older relatives from rural areas in Ontario are going to feel about blunts and joints being handed out along with cocktails. They purchased the weed from a variety of cannabis dispensaries around Toronto and Scarborough. I heard they were going to offer marijuana drinks as well. Although I was excited to visit the 18th century castle Casa Loma for the first time as a wedding guest, not even the added factor of cannabis consumption can get me excited for their dreadful wedding.

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We brought vape pens into the Scarborough Civic Center to go ice skating for the night

Growing up in Ontario, my family always went ice skating in the winter season.

  • When I was really young there was an outdoor rink in our small town that we’d frequent, but after moving to Toronto we started going to indoor skating rinks around the city.

Most of my friends in middle school and high school would hang out at the ice skating rinks because the cost of admission was so low at the time. There were usually arcades inside the ice skating rinks as well, and we’d often find our friends from school in the arcade, the tiny restaurants inside, or out on the ice rinks. Even though I’m much older now, I still enjoy going ice skating when I can get time away from work. It’s really refreshing feeling the rush of cold air being on the ice, especially with the feeling of gliding that accompanies it. Recently my girlfriend and I decided to spend our date night at the Scarborough Civic Center ice skating for a few hours. But before going to the Scarborough Civic Center, we stopped at a cannabis dispensary near Sherwood Park on Blythwood Rd. We bought disposable cannabis vape pens so we could conceal them heading into the ice skating rink at the Scarborough Civic Center. We decided to take hits off our pens in the separate male and female bathrooms instead of risking it in plain view. Since they had outlawed nicotine vaporizers in the Civic Center, we didn’t want to press our luck with our cannabis vaporizers. Recreational cannabis might be legal in Toronto and the rest of Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can use it in any business or public place. There are clear restrictions written into the Cannabis Act of Canada.

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