Dad and I enjoyed spending time in Seattle

I grew up in another country away from my dad.

He and mom broke up when she was young, and she moved away.

Dad never knew she was pregnant until the day I showed up at his door. I’d turned 18 when mom talked to me about him. So, we talked with my mom, and she gave me his address. She’d done some research and knew where he was in case I ever wanted to meet him. I flew to Seattle, Washington, on my 22nd birthday, which I felt more confident and wanted to see him. There I was, standing in front of his door, introducing myself as his son. Dad was shocked but saw I looked exactly as he had when he was my age. I told him my mom’s name, and he broke down. Dad welcomed me into his home, and we spent the rest of the time talking. He told me he’d always regretted breaking up with mom and never knew she was pregnant when she left. We spoke with mom on the phone then I chose to stay in Seattle for some time. Dad wanted to show me around and even take me to the company he’d built. It was such a relief to be with him, and I got to try some fantastic varieties of cannabis products that he had at his home. When weed became legal in Seattle, he’d started an organic farm for the crop and ran a manufacturing plant. Apart from visiting the business, he also took me to see his mom. My grandmother. I finally felt like that void in me was filled when I met the rest of the family.


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Jack took his girlfriend to visit his mom in Libertyville

Jack had his heart broken once in high school and swore never to love again.

  • All his dedication was to his business.

He only felt close to his mom and sister but otherwise avoided interacting with women at all costs. His friends always thought he was gay, but Jack was just terrified of being hurt again. One day, a friend invited him to the house for a small dinner event. He’d invited some friends from college and wanted Jack there. Jack tried to get out of it, but his friend wouldn’t accept any excuses. Jack showed up to the dinner with an expensive bottle of wine and no intention of interacting a lot. But he was mesmerized by this girl he’d never seen before. It turns out his friend’s sister was also at the event and caught Jack’s eye. Despite his better judgment, they spoke that night, planned a date, and began dating a few months later. Their relationship progressed when Jack took his girlfriend to Libertyville to see his mom last month. It was fall, and the temperature was already dropping. His mom’s house felt so lovely with the furnace running as she welcomed them home. His mom was not merciful as she told tales of how she thought her son would never bring a girl home. Jack felt like running away the whole time, but his girlfriend and mom truly bonded during that trip. Jack had planned a surprise for his girl and proposed to her as she laughed so hard at one of his mom’s jokes. She stopped mid-way and instantly started crying because of the surprise. His mom, too, was crying, and now Jack had two women he had to comfort crying out of joy.

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Dad was skeptical about my brother living in Denver

A few years ago, my brother confided in me that he wanted to move to a new area and explore the possibilities there.

We were a family raised by cautious parents, so it was tough at times to express ourselves.

But, I encouraged my brother to speak out for himself. The fear of failure was there, but he had a chance to succeed as well. Just as we had predicted, dad was against the move. He felt my brother knew nothing about Colorado, and that was such a risky move. But, I informed him it was better to try and fail than live with regret. My brother flew to Colorado the next month and started working as a waiter in a local hotel. This was his job for some time until he discovered what he wanted to do in the area. He lived in an apartment with a guy he knew from college and his cousin. All of them loved working out and had a gym membership in the area. Whenever my brother had free time, he would work out and started posting his routines online. He had a good physique, and this spoke to many people who started following his journey. Then one guy asked him to be his trainer. My brother would train him in the morning then head to work in the afternoon. Next, it was two guys, and that’s how his personal fitness venture began. The last time I visited him in Denver, he was so happy, and we got to sample some pot brownies in the city. Weed is legal in Colorado, and he showed me some of the CBD stores he liked.

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The hotel manager advised my cousins and me to visit Old Town Albuquerque

My cousins and I were pretty close as kids.

Our parents lived in the same neighborhood, and we went to the same school.

Life was good since we were always there for one another and rarely felt alone when our parents were busy at work. However, after high school, we went to different colleges and didn’t see each other as often. The best moments were when we were back home for the summer holidays, but someone was always missing. We finished college, got employed, and went further apart. But, through a dedicated chat group, we always made sure to check in on each other. Last year, we had a chance to slow down and spent most days catching up. We promised to meet and go on vacation when it was safe to do so. The time for the vacation came this summer, and we chose to go to New Mexico. It was one of the few states none of us had visited before, and we opted to stay in Albuquerque. The hotel was so lovely that we spent that first day on vacation lounging by the pool and catching up. Then the next day, we went to tour the city, and the hotel manager advised us to visit Old Town Alburquerque. The place was as lovely as he had described, and we got to learn so much about how the city came to be. My cousins and I wanted some weed gummies and other edibles in the evening, so we went to a cannabis dispensary. It was such a bonus for our trip that cannabis was legal in New Mexico.
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