I’m a geologist excited to visit the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque

I started getting interested in rocks and fossils when my mom started dating the man who became my step father.

He was a geologist by education and had at that point started working for a large nuclear energy company in risk assessment and response.

Although he wasn’t a geologist by trade or teaching it in a college, he would go caving with his best friend for years until their bodies couldn’t handle it anymore. I’ll never forget the collection of quartz crystals he gave me after we first met. They were all from caves he had explored personally, and I was mesmerized by the way they would refract light. He taught me a lot about gemstones and he took me to art fairs where there were fossil experts. When it came time to apply to college, I had my heart set on the University of New Mexico because of Albuquerque’s rich paleontological history. I want to dig for dinosaur bones, and there are few cities that have a history in this like Albuquerque. Unfortunately I had to go to a nearby college because of financial reasons, but I never forgot about Albuquerque and its geological sites. I’m taking a vacation this month to Albuquerque to visit the Petroglyph National Monument. There are locations with thousands of examples of prehistoric art, along with bones, tools, and other rare items that are all native to the area. I also decided to go hiking on the nearby Rinconada Canyon Trail. For a geologist like myself, the prehistoric monuments in Albuquerque are some of the most breathtaking locations in the country. If I could find a job at one of the many museums or any of the geological sites, I would move to Albuquerque in a heartbeat.



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Busch Gardens can be great fun in the off season

My family and I live in a suburb south of Tampa Florida.

One of our number fave one things that I like to do on a dreary Winter afternoon is go to Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens is a safari themed amusement park with rides and a zoo, made for families to enjoy. A lot of people visit Busch Gardens in Tampa when they come to visit Florida for their summer trips. In our opinion, the summer season is the worst time to visit any Florida tourist attraction. First of all, most places are seriously slammed while in the summer time season! Kids are out of university and parents are taking trips. The 2nd reason why summer time is the worst time to visit places like Busch Gardens in Tampa is because of the brutal Heat and the humidity. There is no access to a/c once you are inside the amusement park. The only spots with a/c are the eating establishments and gift shops. None of the ride lines are in sections with a/c, so you are forced to stand in line for 1 or 2 minutes in 95° uneven temperatures with 95% humidity. Most men are not expecting Busch Gardens or any of the other theme parks to be an annoyed experience, so add complaining and whining children to the afternoon. Those are the prime reasons why I don’t like to visit the theme parks while in the summer. The weather in Tampa during the “off” Winter season is absolutely quite mild and cool. In our humble opinion, this is the greatest time to hang out with friends and relax at one of the many Tampa Bay tourist attractions including Busch Gardens.
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I guess that Moving to Tampa was unavoidable

When our wifey Trish and I met back in university, she told me that she planned to graduate and go back to a lake house she owned in Tampa, Florida.

I always hoped she would change her mind and stay in CO, however Trish missed her mom, dad and her friends.

When both of us graduated, I had to make a difficult decision. Trish wanted me to transfer over to Tampa and live with her, but I knew life was going to be seriously different if I moved to Tampa, Florida. I thought about this decision for weeks, however ultimately I could not say goodbye to Trish so I decided to transfer to the Florida tourist endpoint. My girlfriend and I When Trish and I arrived, both of us stayed with her folks. I was thankful for a cheap place to stay, but I told our girlfriend that I did not want to live there for very long. I started looking for a task and so did Trish. The two of us lived at her parents house for 5 months and after that both of us found a place of our own. Trish might have lived there a little bit longer, however both of us were staying in the garage where there wasn’t any Central AC. By the time summer time arrived, Trish and I were both ready to get out of the garage and into a place with Central AC. It was at the top of our list when both of us hired a realtor. Trish and I still consider the A/C to be one of the most pressing systems in our home. Living in southern Florida means considering the heat and the humidity and being prepared before the summer days begin.

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The big bridge in Tampa, FL

My wifey Patty and me went to Tampa Bay last year for the first time ever.

The two of us started traveling in our RV 4 years ago and this was our 1st visit to Florida.

The two of us decided to go to Tampa, because Patty has extended family that lives close by. The two of us were convinced that summer time was the best time to go to Florida, since both of us wanted to see the beaches and go to the gulf. It would have been nice if one of our friends would have taken the time to explain how incredibly muggy and humid it can get in the Tampa area. The average summer temps were 93 degrees while in the week that both of us visited. Patty and I stayed in an RV park while in Tampa. It was on one side of a genuinely long and tall draw bridge. The bridge is one of the tallest bridges in the whole country. Driving the big RV across the bridge was genuinely nerve-wracking and I wanted to throw up our supper. After Patty and me made it to the RV park, both of us found out that they only have 30 amp service. Our pressing RV with all the various slides and an upstairs home office uses 50 amp service. The two of us were unable to use both of the cooling systems and it was impossible to keep the house cool. Both of us learned a genuinely pressing lesson about going to see Tampa while in The humid summer season. If both of us ever return to that city, both of us really will wait until the weather is so much more mild and cool. I sincerely don’t think how people can live in that environment and be happy.

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