I didn't want anyone to see me

I work in a sheet metal factory all day and I perform a lot of physically exhausting labor.

Sometimes I don’t want to get up off the couch when I finally get home from work. My wife understands when I have days like this. I had a day like this last week. Friday was a busy day and we had to fill an order twice as big as usual. I was missing one of my regular crew members and it hurt badly. I didn’t have the right guys to handle the work and we were behind at lunch time. I snuck out to my car to smoke a marijuana joint and one of the new guys saw me outside. When we came back into the building, I pulled the guy to the side and I warned him to keep his mouth shut. Even though marijuana is legal in Seattle for recreational use, I am not supposed to be smoking marijuana at work. The sheet metal factory is right in downtown Seattle, but I still can’t use marijuana. This place is a very dangerous area to work and I am not supposed to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol during the day. I don’t consider marijuana to be a drug, but the bosses do and I knew I would get into trouble if the new guy started to blab his mouth. Thankfully the kid looks like he will be loyal. It’s been a few days since that happened and he hasn’t said anything to my boss about marijuana smoking.

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Having an indoor playground is important in the Summer

My kids are obsessed with Sky Zone Trampoline Park. They are ages 6 and 8 and the first time we took them to the adventure park they were hooked. At one point, we were taking them to the park multiple times in one week. I don’t mind because it’s a safe space for them to jump around and burn off some energy. And I love that it’s indoors and that it has air conditioning. This is a lot better than the traditional outdoor playground, especially when the temperature is soaring into the upper 90’s. And we have been experiencing temperatures like that in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, my kids also love to play in the traditional playgrounds, but they only like the ones that have splash pads where they can cool off. Not all the playgrounds or parks have a splash pad, so the trampoline park works out better. Personally, I like the trampoline park because I can also join the kids as they bounce around. In addition, at the regular playground, I would be sitting in the heat with no A/C. The only place at the playground that has air conditioning is the restroom and I don’t plan on hanging in the restroom all day. Having a place with A/C in the Summer where the kids can play safely is important, and I am glad that Evansville has a few options. Anyway, we have a few more weeks left before they start school, so I assume we will visit the trampoline park every week until then.


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Tampa is quite the town

I opted to transfer with my bestie to Parrish after many years of living in downtown Tampa near South Nebraska. Every one of us were both getting claustrophobic from the dense, neighborhood life. Neither of us were raised in a metropolitan area like Tampa Bay, as every one of us had moved up here from Venice which is a growing neighborhood in Sarasota County about an hour to the south of here. Downtown Tampa was fun at first, especially the bars in Ybor City back when my bestie in addition to I showed up at the age of 18. When every one of us finally hit the legal age to drink, our celebrationing kicked into high gear for another many or numerous years. Then every one of us got burned out on the nightlife in addition to started spending more time in St… Petersburg in addition to nature preserves like Weedon Island Preserve in addition to Sawsod Lake Park; That’s what pushed us down to Parrish because every one of us realized that every one of us loved the outdoor environment in Florida more than anything else about the state. There’s plenty of rural towns in Parrish that are a far cry from the insanity that every one of us experienced in downtown Tampa for so many years. Thankfully our Heating plus Air Conditioning company still works with us after every one of us moved from Tampa to north Manatee County this past year. They consider Parrish to be area of the greater Tampa Bay area so they are ecstatic to repair our heating in addition to cooling plan out there. Every one of us still live close enough to visit the neighborhood when every one of us want to live in addition to experience neighborhood life again. It’s just a matter of jumping on Interstate 71 in addition to we’re in Tampa in under an hour.

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Can I get a marijuana delivery?

I had lived in Denver, CO for fifteen years while our partner was serving in the Air Force.

  • My partner lived there when I met him, as well as when the people I was with and I got married, the people I was with and I moved into his house; I enjoyed Denver, CO, until I had a automobile accident.

I could not drive afterward, as well as I had a constant pain in the leg that was no longer connected… The doctor told myself and others it was phantom pain, but there was nothing phantom about it. The pain was real as well as debilitating, however he prescribed medical marijuana for myself and others to help ease the pain by good our body as well as mind. The only thing I didn’t adore about using medical marijuana was that I needed to go to the dispensary to pick it up, but once I found out they offered marijuana delivery to some areas in Denver, CO, I could only pray they delivered to our area. I knew that lake lake house delivery was permitted in Denver as long as the marijuana corporation had a delivery permit, and you can only earn the amounts of marijuana mentioned in the rules, as you can get if in the store. If you lived in a hotel or house building that allowed marijuana on its premises, you could have it delivered to your home. The marijuana delivery driver as well as the marijuana dispensary must verify the client lives at the hotel as well as that the hotel or house building does not prohibit marijuana on its premises, before making the delivery. I thought about how much easier this life would be if I hadn’t had the accident, lost our partner in that accident, as well as I didn’t need medical marijuana.



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