It was hurricane season during the Tampa visit

During the summer months, Tampa Bay is one of the nicest places in Florida to visit.

Tampa Bay and Clearwater Beach have a ton of different activities for children and adults.

One of my favorite places in Tampa is the zoo. My family and I love to go to the zoo when it is cool outdoors. The animals are always more active when the weather is cool. Animals and humans are both lethargic when it is hot outside. We long to be inside where the air conditioner is running and so do they. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago on a Saturday. The weather was really nice with breezy temperatures and a bit of wind. I should have anticipated all of the traffic at the zoo, especially on a beautiful day. We had to park all the way at the end of the parking lot and the walk to the zoo was significant. It was cool and sunny outside, so I didn’t mind walking. We spent all day in Tampa and didn’t leave the park until 4:30. The sky was starting to get dark and cloudy. When it’s hurricane season, the temperatures can drop quickly and rain can happen in a flash. It was hot and humid outside and the rain was a welcome feature until I realized that the car had a flat tire. I had to change the flat tire in the rain while we were parked outside the Tampa area zoo. No one offered to lend a helping hand. I would have said no, but it would have been nice if someone would have at least offered to help.



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We should have went all the way to Vegas

My friends and I were going to go all the way to Vegas for a bachelorette party. About two weeks before the bachelorette party, the bride found out that she was unable to fly. Everyone in the group was concerned that might happen, because the bride was 6 months pregnant when we planned the bachelorette party. If the right was unable to fly, then we had to move the party to a closer location. We had to change our plans. Instead of going to Vegas, we decided to go to Denver for the weekend. Denver is very close to the city where we live and it has a lot of fun nightlife and things to do. I thought going to Denver was a great idea. My other friends agreed that it was our best second choice. I booked everyone a room at a very nice hotel downtown. The room was expensive, but we had a beautiful view overlooking the city. It was cold outside, but the heater in the room worked very well. We had our own thermostat and central heat. The two room suite stayed warm even though it was cold outside. We even had a small kitchen area with a coffee pot and refrigerator. We went to a couple of different places in Denver. We visited a restaurant and a couple of bars. I thought we would have fun, but Denver wasn’t as enjoyable as I hoped. We probably should have gone all the way to Vegas, but that is a trip that we will need to save for another time.



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Dealing with traffic makes me agitated

My girlfriend and I used to live about 2 hours away from Denver.

One day she told me that she wanted to move to the city.

I hope she was joking around, but she was serious. She found a job in the city working at a dance studio and she wanted me to switch my job as well. As an HVAC repair person, I can literally work anywhere. I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to find a job in Denver, but I still protested heavily to the unplanned move. About six months later, my girlfriend and I packed all of our things into a U-Haul truck and moved to the city of Denver. I have to admit that living in Denver isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. It’s nice to be close to all the bars, restaurants, and culture. There were exactly 0 museums in the town where we were living, but now my girlfriend and I have access to lots of different art galleries and museums. It didn’t take long to find a job in Denver as an HVAC repair person. In fact, I completed three interviews in one day and all three of the companies called to offer me a position. It was nice to have a choice. The traffic in Denver makes me feel agitated and annoyed. It’s probably the one thing I hate most about living in the city. Every time I have to leave a job to drive to another, I dread getting in the car and sitting on the freeway in Denver. It’s impossible to go anywhere quickly unless you have a helicopter.



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Recreational marijuana is expensive for everyone

A lot of my online friends believe it is really cool to live in Denver, Colorado because recreational marijuana has been legalized. I’ve been to the recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver a couple of times. The prices are insanely high and the customer service isn’t very good. I’d rather spend my money on video games or books. One of my online friends came to visit last month and it was his first time in Denver. We went to a couple of interesting places that I thought he might enjoy. I didn’t plan for us to go to a cannabis shop, but Jack was really excited to see the inside of the building. He talked about going to a cannabis dispensary as soon as I picked him up from the airport. When we finally went, my friend was surprised by the inexpensive prices. I guess he thought that recreational marijuana was going to be cheaper because it is legal, but it’s really the same price as you find on the street. The only difference is the quality. The marijuana at the dispensary is always going to be higher quality because it has been lab-tested For quality and thca count. When my friend saw the prices of recreational marijuana in Denver, he wasn’t as excited as he was when he got off the airplane. Everyone thinks that recreational Cannabis is cheap, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just as expensive as it ever has been. It’s just easier to access the plant with legal laws to sell it and tax it.


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