The kids were throwing toys in the vents for years

When I was a kid, my mom used to have parties with all of her friends.

Each one of the ladies would make different desserts and they would sit in the dining room and gossip all afternoon.

My brothers and I had to go outside to play with the neighbors and all of the kids in the apartment building. We weren’t allowed to come into the house unless we were bleeding or on fire. I remember a time when my friends and I were outside playing and it was the middle of the winter season. I was wearing a pair of ski gloves with a mask, ear muffs, and a bandana. It was still cold outside. I saw a truck from the heating company pull into the yard. I went inside to find out what was going on. My parents immediately told me to go outside to play. My mom started to smell the strangest and oddest odor. She didn’t know where the smell was coming from, but it seemed like the odor was coming from the furnace. My parents contacted a furnace company in Glenview, Illinois. The Glenview heating company had a technician available and a service representative came to the house about an hour after my parents made the call. My brothers and I got into a lot of trouble later that day. My mom and dad found out that we were putting all of our toys in one of the air vents in the living room. The toys were starting to melt from the heat and that was the source of the odd smell. My parents had to pay a $150 bill to the Glenview, Illinois, heating company and it turned out to be our fault. We were grounded for a month after that occurred.

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My dad is starting a new job and I think he is going to be really happy

My dad has been working very hard for 20 years.

  • The guy deserves a break more than anyone else that I know.

Recently my dad had a small heart attack. He was out of work for several days. When he went back to the HVAC service center in Tampa, the boss made him work inside of the office. My dad wanted to work on repairs, but the boss was worried he wasn’t ready. My dad did an excellent job answering the phone and handling all of the problems in the office. In fact, my dad did such an awesome job that the boss decided to turn the position into a full-time office position with a salary and benefits. The boss offered the job to my dad first. He told my mom that he was going to turn it down, because he did not want to work inside of an office for the rest of his life. My mom reminded my dad that he was not getting any younger. Every day he worked on HVAC repairs, he came home from work feeling awful. My mom convinced my dad to take advantage of the office job. I honestly think my dad is going to enjoy working inside the office if he Embraces the opportunity and continues to have the same positive and friendly attitude that he has all along. My dad is 55 years old, there is no reason that he should still be working outside in the crazy Tampa heat when he could be indoors earning a salary while working in the air conditioning.


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Portland has some really good fishing off the coast

I went to visit my brother in Portland and he planned some really fun activities for us while I was there. One of the activities was deep sea fish. We drove into Portland to the marina and we got on a chartered boat that took us out into the middle of the Pacific. We spent all day fishing for large fish and sharks. We saw dolphins and a humpback whale. It was easily one of the most amazing days that I have ever had. My brother also took me to a bar in Portland that serves cannabis. The bar was one of the most interesting places that I have ever seen. The bar looks like any other bar, but they had a selection of spirits and a selection of cannabis items that you could get from behind the bar. Most of the Cannabis selections were pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes or dabs. My brother ordered me to try some of the products. I was a little concerned, but my brother told me not to worry. I smoked marijuana out of a joint and I hit two dabs of Jack Herer. Before our dinner came, I thought I was going to pass out. I felt much better after I I had the opportunity to eat some food. I really thought I was going to throw up from all of the recreational marijuana we had in that Portland bar. Later that night when we came home from the bar, I slept like a bear. I didn’t wake up until afternoon the next day. What an adventure I had in Portland.

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The police officer pulled me over for speeding

The city of Denver and the state of Colorado have legalized recreational and medical marijuana use for everyone.

  • It is easy to obtain marijuana in Denver.

There are a number of dispensaries. Some of those places have in-store shopping and some are only delivery services. I have been using recreational marijuana since I was in high school. Now that I am old enough to purchase recreational marijuana from a legal Denver dispensary, my choices have increased. The dispensary always has a large collection of Edibles, flower, concentrates, topical, patches, and tinctures. I went to a dispensary downtown that does not offer delivery. The Denver business is right in the heart of the city. They don’t offer delivery, because they have the lowest prices in the city. I went to the dispensary and purchased several pre-rolled marijuana joints. A couple of the pre-rolled marijuana joints contained live resin and I was particularly excited to try them. Most of the time I smoked a marijuana store on my way home from the Denver dispensary. It’s not exactly legal, but it happens all the time. It was a little foggy and misty outside, so I decided not to smoke. That turned out to be the day that a police officer pulled me over for speeding. If I had been smoking in the car, I would have gotten a much bigger ticket. Instead of getting a ticket $150, I would have had a much larger fine and a court appearance. My friend got pulled over for running a red light last week and his car smelled like marijuana. He got a ticket for driving while under the influence.

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