The housing market is wide open right now

There are a ton of affordable homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the nicest places in the city with beautiful landscape and panoramic views is Ocean View.

Ocean View is a family-oriented community and easily one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. There is a recreation center in Ocean View as well as a community garden. There are plenty of restaurants and places to get vegan food. There are bars and clubs that have serviced the area for decades. I have two rental properties in the ocean view area as well as two rental properties in the financial district. The housing market is wide open right now. The prices on rental properties have skyrocketed. Since the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, this city has seen an influx of people. The medical and recreational marijuana industry brought a lot of jobs to the area. The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana also brought a lot of artists and hippies to the area. 10 years ago the ocean view properties were worse half as much as they are today. With property prices increasing all of the time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have no reason to get rid of these properties. As long as I can keep them rented, I’m going to hold on to the land and buildings. I’m currently looking into a commercial property that has several tenants already including a recreational marijuana shop, gun store, and a fabric and clothing shop. That property will be my first commercial purchase if the sale goes through.



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The theater was packed on opening night

My friend and I went to a play with our wives.

The play was in San Francisco for three nights only.

We took a one-hour flight to the destination. I didn’t want to spend hours in the car driving to the San Francisco destination. I wasn’t particularly excited about going to the play, but my friend and I purchased some edibles from a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. In fact, my friend and I went to the recreational cannabis dispensary about an hour before the play started. I thought it would be easy to make my decision, but there was a whole wall filled with recreational Cannabis supplies. My friend and I picked out several different items that looked tasty. I bought a bag of licorice coins with 20 mg of THC in each. My friend purchased a bottle of cannabis tincture with 1,000 mg total. Before the play, he decided to drink half of the bottle. By the time the theater show started, my buddy was ready to pass out. The San Francisco theater was packed on opening night, and the show did not start until half past the hour. My wife and I found our seats. My friend and his wife were seated a few rows away. Halfway through the show, I fell asleep. My friend fell asleep as well, but he started snoring when there was a very quiet scene in the play. His wife looked horrified. They got up and left the theater before the end of the second act. I believe they went home early.



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The guy wanted a fortune to repair the AC

Last year, my wife and I decided to entertain our family for two weeks. My sister and her husband came to visit with their three kids and my brother came as well with his wife and new born son. I knew we were going to have an entire house filled with people and I was nervous about the HVAC unit. The previous summer we had some issues with cooling the house properly. I decided to have a tune up performed on the equipment a few weeks before the family visited. I called the Tampa Bay provider that installed the HVAC machine. The young man performing the tune-up suggested that I needed $1300 worth of repairs to the AC unit. I was angry and frustrated and I wanted a second opinion before I wrote a check that large. I called another Tampa AC contractor and requested a quote. I told the guy that I already called one Tampa HVAC company but I wanted a 2nd opinion. The AC contractor offered to give me a second opinion for free. He unfortunately agreed with the original guy. He did offer to complete the work for a lower price, so I hired the contractor. His work came with a one year warranty as well. When my family arrived and we had a kitchen filled with 20 people, I didn’t have a single issue with cooling the house. The Tampa contractor did great work and I kept his phone number for future problems. The contractor handles a variety of home repairs including HVAC work, plumbing, and electrical repairs.

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The flooring was warm to the touch

We also have some family members that live in Boulder, which isn’t very far from the resort location

My wife and I have visited a lot of states in this country, but Colorado is one of our favorite places to visit during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It is certainly very cold during the winter time, so we avoid the area during the cold months. Last year we visited Denver during the month of October. It was chilly at night and warm during the day with lots of something. My wife and I stayed at a hotel with radiant heated flooring. Every part of the bathroom was heated including the flooring of the shower. When I walked into the bathroom with my bare feet, I immediately felt the warm flooring. I thought I might be going crazy, but my wife agreed that the floor was warmer than the rest of the tile. It was really nice to stay in a place with radiant heated flooring. It made our trip to Denver extremely nice when the weather was cold. We have stayed at that hotel on several different occasions including a time when we visited Keystone for night time snow tubing. There are a ton of places close to the city that my wife and I love to visit and Denver is a wonderful central location. We also have some family members that live in Boulder, which isn’t very far from the resort location. We are thinking about going to Denver next Christmas for a whole week. My sister is going to be there during that time and we would love to spend some time with the kids during the holidays.


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