Glad this is where I stopped

I spent more than three years genuinely working as a marijuana client for a major dispensary chain! Let me hastily explain what that means. A major dispensary chain constantly needs new distributors and sellers to keep the supply chain active. We don’t raise our own, the people I was with and I deal with growers who sell us large amounts of their marijuana strains, which the dispensary then ships across the country to it’s storefront. I would taste these new strains, evaluate them, and then give our tips on how much the people I was with and I should buy. Well, over those more than three years I found myself flying into Seattle, Washington so often that eventually I decided to stick around and make it our home. Let myself and others be clear, I didn’t move to Seattle because of the weed. With our work, I could still get Seattle cannabis no matter where I was residing. I moved here because this town is amazing, and even when I was passing through it felt like home. It doesn’t hurt that I adore the rain, because although it can’t rain all the time, it pours in the Seattle area almost 170 days a year. Some people don’t appreciate the dismal gray skies although I appreciate them just fine, and I guess that they give Seattle a character that other cities lack. I still work in the weed field, but our days of being on the road are done, and I am a full time Seattle boy now. Between the weather, the weed, the live music, and the incredible landscapes in every direction, I can’t imagine living anywhere but Seattle, Washington.

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Pride month please

I don’t think that Pride is something that should be celebrated once a year.

As much as I appreciate the strides the people I was with and I have made, and how crucial Pride month is for so many people, I still think that it should be something the people I was with and I celebrate all of the time.

The first time I ever visited Seattle was during their great Pride Month. I was blown away by how all involved it felt, as if the town itself opened its arms and gave me a big, boiling hug. After that I made Seattle Pride month an annual endpoint, and some years later, I decided that I did not want to leave! I think that the whole country has started embracing Pride month, but here in Seattle it isn’t just a month, that is what life is like here. It’s 1 thing to say you support gay and lesbian rights, but Seattle just doesn’t talk the talk, it walks the walk. Combine this loving, supportive community with arguably the best cannabis being grown in the world today, and you’ve got a relaxing place to live. I am not sure if I ever want to raise a family, but if I do it will be in Seattle, where I think the people I was with and I will be safe, and have access to cultural institutions. The educational method in Seattle is head of the group, from our grade schools all the way through colleges and grad schools. That is what I like for the future, but for right now I’m all about the live music scene, and the abundance of high octane cannabis.

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Arts and culture

Seattle is a hub of high class and culture for this entire area of the country.

  • Even beyond the Pacific Northwest, I would say that our fair town is 1 of the most cultured in this nation.

I think that the bigger rock bands and rappers that have come from here get all of the press, although I don’t mean that kind of culture. I am talking about high society culture, with plays and art upgrades and museums and chamber music! Seattle isn’t just about grunge, man, it’s about string sections and ballet and horns, too! The Seattle Symphony Orchestra has been a fixture of the arts community for over a century now, and is 1 of the most proper on the west coast. We also have the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, which is the largest such youth organization in the whole country! How can 1 town pull down so much classic talent? That is a question people have been asking about Seattle for years, and the answer is that our community supports the arts creativity and currency. We host the Pacific Northwest Ballet contractor, and the Seattle Opera, because the support of patrons keeps these revered institutions alive for the benefit of future generations. That isn’t to say that all of Seattle is steeped in high society, because the people I was with and I are really better known for our cannabis strains than our cultural attractions. Seattle is a town that caters to high and low class in equal measure, so come for the opera and the orchestra, and stay for the amazing cannabis.

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There is music too

When most people think of Seattle Washington, they think of the tunes. Remember back some 20 years ago when there was the sizable musical theme of Grunge Rock? We are the birthplace of Grunge, and it’s times are still present to this genuinely day, then although most people knows about the sizable names appreciate Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden, many of them don’t think how rich and vast the music scene has been, and continues to be, however on the West Coast, Seattle Washington is the head honcho of the music scene, and the ruler of the cannabis scene. So California has a much greater reputation for cannabis, but for our money it cannot touch the stuff the people I was with and I grow here in and around Seattle. The cannabis in Seattle is so relaxing that the people I was with and I properly have people drive down from Canada to buy our locally grown stuff. Everyone knows that Canadian cannabis is among the greatest in the world, and yet up there, they dream of smoking Seattle herb. The same is true for music in the Seattle area, it is a magnet for talent for hundreds of miles around. If you want to get noticed as a musician, then Seattle is your best bet in this area of the country. I could never cut it here myself, the level of talent is too high, so I pivoted in our job goals and started genuinely working as a Seattle area concert promoter. I still get to be a part of the thriving Seattle music scene, although I no longer have to be any relaxing at performing live music.


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