Cannabis and my back pain

My husband and I honeymooned in Portland, Oregon, and it was a great time.

We spent a week there, exploring the city, taking in the sights and enjoying various excursions.

One of our favorites was a tour of Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge. The tour took us to Multnomah Falls, the historic Timberline Lodge, the Bridge of the Gods, Bonneville Lock & Dam, all sorts of waterfalls and we stopped at two different wineries. We tasted Gorge-produced wine that was incredible. The excursion lasted almost nine hours and was amazing but tiring. The amount of walking combined with sleeping on a hotel bed mattress led to my husband experiencing problems with his back. Everything from his neck and shoulders to his hips was in pain. Although he tried to downplay the severity, I wasn’t fooled. He was walking very slowly and cringing every time he needed to sit down or stand up. I finally did some online research, hoping to help. I was actually looking at chiropractors, massage parlors and acupuncturists when I came across a nearby recreational cannabis dispensary. Because recreational cannabis is legal in Portland, we didn’t need a medical marijuana card or an appointment. We simply walked inside the dispensary, showed our identifications and explained our situation to one of the budtenders. He suggested a combination of cannabis-infused topicals and a tincture. I applied the lotion directly to my husband’s skin for localized relief of pain and inflammation. He placed a few drops of the tincture under his tongue. The sublingual absorption provided quick onset of effects.


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CBG helps with social anxiety and you can get it at a Eugene, OR dispensary

Most people are familiar with CBD and THC.

However, there are lots of different cannabinoids that provide a variety of therapeutic benefits. CBG, or cannabigerol, is a less well-known chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. CBG is gaining notoriety for treating anxiety and depression, reducing inflammation and pain and combatting tumor growth. It’s also helpful for treating various infections because of anti-microbial properties. While CBD and CBG are both cannabinoids, they are quite different. CBD is often used to suppress appetite while CBG actually stimulates appetite. CBG is proving more effective than CBD for treating seizures. CBG is extracted from the cannabis plant through hydrocarbons or CO2. After extraction, the CBG is isolated and purified to remove unwanted compounds. CBG is a mild cannabinoid. While it produces an uplifting feeling, it doesn’t cause the psychoactive effects of THC. CBG is found in full-spectrum CBD products, such as gummies. They are a great option for beginners, because they don’t require any extra gear or special proficiency. Dosing is very easy and accurate. Plus, they are available in lots of different flavors. For any type of edible containing THC, it’s especially important to follow the recommended dosage. The effects can take more than a half an hour to set in and are often more intense. I am very fortunate that my local recreational dispensary in Eugene, Oregon, carries an extensive line of CBG gummies. They are not overly expensive, easy transport and discreet. I’ve found that the gummies help with my issues with social anxiety.

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We got stoned and spent too much money on Bohemian clothing in Kensington Market

My boyfriend and I love to go out on Saturday afternoons to walk various neighborhoods in the city to find places we’ve never seen before.

Being Canada’s most densely populated city, Toronto has something for everyone, especially its selection of world food.

It’s no secret that Toronto has ethnic neighborhoods like Little Italy, Koreatown, Little Portugal, Chinatown, and Little Poland just to name a few. We have a list of favorite restaurants, but it’s always growing because we’re given new recommendations all of the time by friends and coworkers. One afternoon we decided to take a long trip on the bus to Kensington Market, after having heard about the amazing boutique clothing stores. Our plan was to avoid spending too much money, but that failed quickly after imbibing in cannabis before getting on the bus. We found an amazing store right away that was full of Bohemian clothing. Walking out with over $300 worth of clothes in two bags was the last thing we wanted to do, but at least we’re supporting local businesses. We get all of our cannabis products here in the city as well, as there are over 200 cannabis stores in Toronto alone. There are several near Kensington Market, but one that’s located on Oxford St is always running sales throughout the month. We decided to take advantage of their sale and stock up on weed products after leaving the clothing store in Kensington Market. There’s a new cannabis dispensary nearby in Baldwin Village that I’d like to visit next, but we’ll probably have enough cannabis products to last us for a month. At least Toronto isn’t short of quality cannabis.



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I wouldn’t trade my cottage on White Lake for a mansion in the Beverly Hills

I grew up in a simple lifestyle in a rural community in western Michigan.

While I live off White Lake in Whitehall these days, back in my childhood my parents raised my siblings and I on a farm in Dalton.

We used to take car trips south to Muskegon to do most of our shopping, but otherwise I spent a good portion of my childhood wandering farm fields with friends while looking for trouble. It’s nice taking a car down to White River Park where you can hike in the woodlands that surround the long and winding river. The White River starts in the Oxford Swamp in Newaygo County and follows westward until it spills into White Lake at the heart of Whitehall. We spent many hours near the White River because it is designated as a Michigan Natural River, meaning that all development is banned within 400 miles of the river bed. There are numerous Brook Trout in the White River, but nowadays I do even more fishing from my cottage on White Lake in Whitehall. Now that I have access to quality recreational cannabis here in western Michigan, I’d rather be in my lakeside cottage in Whitehall than in a random mansion in Beverly Hills. I’ve been to Los Angeles, and while it has much to offer anyone who visits, I don’t like that kind of vibe and atmosphere. The prices on cannabis in Los Angeles are crazy as well compared to the dispensaries here in Muskegon County. While the state of Michigan might abolish the medical marijuana program to force all cannabis customers to pay the recreational marijuana taxes, my weed is still cheaper than in California.

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