I find different ways to cool off during the Summer

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Lion Country Safari.

It’s a drive-thru safari that is about 20 minutes from my house in Royal Palm Beach.

This massive safari has hundreds of animals to see as well as water parks, a petting zoo, a cafeteria, mini golf, and so much more. The place is great for kids as they will have a blast feeding the giraffes as well as splashing around in the waterpark. Personally, I like it because if the weather is hot outside, I can drive through the safari in the comfort of my air conditioned car. And the animals are up close and personal, so the safari is a great way to spend an hour seeing the animals. It’s amazing that we have a place like this near Royal Palm Beach because it’s unlike anything in the area. The Summers can get quite hot in this area of Florida and while we have the beaches, where we can cool off on a hot day, it’s nice to have other places that offer some reprieve from the brutal temperatures outside. To be honest, if we didn’t have places where we could cool off from the heat, I would probably stay inside my house basking in my air conditioning. And I wouldn’t mind doing that at all. In fact, on the hottest days, I sometimes remain at home in the air conditioning until the weather cools off in the evenings. I love living in Royal Palm Beach, but I am not sure if I would love it the same if there weren’t any places to go to cool off during the warmer months.

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My son got a job at Carrier Air Conditioning headquarters

I am so excited that my son Jaxson was able to land a job at one of the most stable companies in our area, Carrier, the number one producer of air conditioners in the country.

Carrier has been around since the early 1900s and this company will be around for as long as we need air conditioning in our homes.

The company was the first to create residential air conditioners, and over a hundred years later, it has still remained a leader in the heating and cooling industry. In fact, it has held the number one spot amongst consumers and data experts because, over the years, the company has consistently produced quality products. The company is located approximately 20 miles from our home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Since this is his first job, Jaxson is still living at home with me and his dad. He wants to work for a year and save his money so that he can eventually get his own place. The houses are really expensive in this area because of all the affluent neighborhoods around. Also, the proximity to the beach also plays a factor in the price of the houses in Royal Palm Beach. But I am not worried about Jaxson finding a house, since he is now working at the Carrier headquarters. He is a Staff Accountant so he makes great money, and he receives a lot of benefits from the company. However, I am not sure if he will receive any discounts on their air conditioner parts and products. That would be the ultimate perk since we have a Carrier air conditioner in our home.

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Why is the air conditioning so cold inside the movie theater?

I live in Royal Palm Beach, and we have a movie theater in town.

The Regal Royal Palm Beach is a decent size movie theater and I love it because it’s never too crowded.

My husband and I love going to see all the new releases there. Especially the action movies, where we can fully immerse in the experience. Of course, I get all the good snacks, popcorn, candy, nachos, and a humongous soda. My husband and I will sit and binge on all our goodies while we watch the movie. Typically, when I go to the movies, I bring a sweater or a jacket because the movie theater is always cold. It always feels like the air conditioning is set to the lowest temperature. I am not sure what the thermostat is set on, but there’s got to be a reason for it to always be so cold inside the theater. The last time we went to Regal, I completely forgot my sweater at home. So, of course, I was freezing for the entire movie. The theater was empty so that made it worse. It felt like I was in an ice box. Needless to say, I complained about the air conditioning the entire time, and my husband asked one of the staff members about the A/C and was told there was nothing they could do about it. Apparently, it’s required by law for movie theaters to have air conditioning, which makes sense because you can’t have that many people sitting in an unventilated room for 2 to 3 hours. But I wish they could adjust the temperature of the A/C to make it more comfortable. Either way, I will never forget my sweater at home again.

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I no longer like working out in an air conditioned gym

During the pandemic, when everything was locked down, I had to find ways to stay entertained. There were tons of outdoor attractions that I attended. And luckily, because I live in Royal Palm Beach, the ocean is less than 20 minutes away. Aside from the beach, I began going to various parks in my area. This is because my gym closed for a few weeks, so I needed to find somewhere to workout. The gym closing was a blessing in disguise because I ended up canceling my gym membership because I enjoyed being outside in the park more. While the gym has air conditioning, getting that fresh air outside is so much better. Plus, I don’t have to wait for any equipment at the park or worry about working out too long on a machine. This means, at the park, there are no limits, so I am able to work out at my leisure. And to be honest, I don’t mind not having air conditioning. I work out in the morning or in the evening during the cooler part of the day. So, I am never hot when I work out, so I am not bothered by not having air conditioning. Not to mention that the A/C inside the gym was always so cold. I assume it was because the A/C helped to clean the odor from the air. But when the gym is too cold, my body doesn’t sweat, so working out in the air conditioning doesn’t help with releasing toxins from the body. All in all, I am getting a better workout in the parks and thankfully, we have great weather here in Royal Palm Beach.


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