Cool things about Colorado

Denver has a very unique and interesting history.

Did you think that the first hardcore structure built in Denver was a saloon? Of course this makes sense since the town has more microbreweries than any other place in the town.

Each day, more than 200 bizarre types of beers are brewed in the neighborhood of Denver. Since there are so many odd bars and breweries, there are a lot of nightly tours that take you from place to place. My friends and I went on a brewery tour last weekend to celebrate our 25th birthday. The tour took us to more than one dozen different microbreweries and the people I was with and I got free samples from each location. The driver of the brewery tour told us a lot of entirely fun and interesting facts about Denver. Denver is 1 of a dozen towns that have major league teams in all 4 sports. They have many if you count the soccer team as well. Denver has more neighborhood parks than any other place in the nation. With more than 200 mornings each year of sunshine, the parks are a beautiful place to spend the day. The weather in Denver is easily great throughout the entire year, and going to the park is 1 of our preferred no cost activities to do while I was in the summertime season. Summer weather is perfect for outdoor activities, even though some people love to spend all day indoors with the A/C blasting. I do not mind being sizzling and spending time outdoors. My mom and our sister would rather sit in front of the AC. Thankfully, I have some friends that enjoy outdoor activities just as much as me.

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The a/c stopped working when I got there

I work in the city Denver, even though I drive every afternoon and day from a small town located about 45 min away from the city. I used to live full time in Denver, but my partner and I thought it would be better to raise our children outside of the city. All of us purchased a whole house in a suburb outside of Denver and I chose to commute back and forth to work everyday. Most mornings, the drive to Denver is easily uneventful. I leave home an hour before I am due to arrive and I usually end up at the office a few minutes ahead of time. The drive back home is a little bit different, because traffic is always hectic. It seems like more people leave Denver at the same time while I was in the day rush minute. On our way home from work last week, the A/C in our car stopped working. It was a easily overheated summer time day. The temperature outside was 95 degrees. I did not expect the A/C to stop working and I was easily aggravated and irritated when sizzling air started coming out of the vents. I rolled down the window, but traffic wasn’t moving quickly so I did not get any wind or breeze. Most people believe in snow and mountains when they feel Denver, but the summer time months are just as overheated and uncomfortable as many tropical locations around the country. The drive home was miserable, and I was seriously happy to finally get back home to a chilly atmosphere and a comfortable recliner. The car is still at the dealership receiving an examination. I hope the repairs will not be too significant.



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Stop losing my bags!

The last time I went to Denver for a work seminar, the airport lost our bags.

I did not have any fresh underwear, socks, shirts, and I did not have any suits or ties.

I had to wear the same clothes more than one morning in a row, but the airport staff told me not to worry. They promised they would find our bags. Sadly, after 3 mornings, the airport staff still failed to find our luggage. They issued me a voucher for $350 to replace thousands of dollars worth of fancy suits. I was easily frustrated about the troubles I had and the Denver Airport and I told our boss that I never wanted to return to that area. That was a couple of years ago, and our boss made me go back to Denver again last month. It was seriously freezing outside and I tried to get someone else to go to the seminar in our place. I packed an added bin with hats, gloves, scarves, and overcoats. I wanted to be prepared for the cold, Denver weather. It would be hard to believe that the Denver Airport lost our bags again, but that is exactly what went on. The airport officials tried to blame the situation on the airport in our town, even though I fly in and out of that place many times each month and I have never had our bags misplaced more than one bizarre times. I was so aggravated and miserable and I called every phone number listed at the airport until I reached someone to handle the issue. Happily, they found our bags this time. They were standing at a bizarre terminal and arrived earlier than our connecting flight.

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Waiting on the a/c repair instead

Denver has a couple of bizarre professional teams, even though I am a large fan of the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets have been around since the 60s.

In fact, the Nuggets used to be called the Denver Rockets. My friends and I appreciate going to the games even though the people I was with and I can’t entirely afford great seats. I don’t mind standing in the nosebleed section. I enjoy the way the gymnasium odors and I love being able to see the players. I do not mind having to use a pair of binoculars at times. My buddies and I had tickets to a Denver Nuggets game last month, even though I had to cut out at the last moment. I came home from work to take a shower and switch my clothes. I only planned to be in the beach house for a few minutes. Sadly, the air conditioner was broken and was not putting any cold air out. I observed the indoor hot and cold temperatures were heated right away. I checked the thermostat and the indoor temperature reading was 70 degrees. I entirely wanted to go to the game with our friends, even though I knew it was more pressing to stay home and take care of the A/C problem. I had to call many businesses before I found someone that had an available repair professional. The guy was on his way back from a job and stuck in traffic in the city, but the repairman promised that the repair professional would arrive in less than 90 minutes. I missed all of the Denver Rockets game, but the air conditioner was fixed before I went to sleep.



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