Niagara Falls was a first for us.

Four our honeymoon, my wife and I chose Niagara falls. Neither one of us had ever been to Niagara Falls, and it seemed like the right place to honeymoon when you lived on the East Coast. We read ‌we had to go to Toronto, Ontario, if we wanted to see Niagara Falls. It took us eight hours to drive from our home to Toronto, Ontario. As much as I hated the ride, I was overjoyed when we saw the site in front of this. Niagara Falls was more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. Unfortunately, my wife looked at me and said wow that would make a big enough shower for our entire family, and ask if we could go to the hotel. She could have not cared less about Niagara Falls, because she was just excited to be in Toronto, Ontario. She was excited because she do that recreational marijuana was legal in Toronto, Ontario. Within half an hour, we were inside the marijuana shop choosing several marijuana products. Our honeymoon was definitely a first in more ways than just the first vacation after being married. Neither my wife nor I had ever used marijuana, and that was an experience that will last us a lifetime. My wife swore off any kind of marijuana products, including CBD, because she said it made her sick to her stomach. I know I will not be using marijuana all the time, but if we ever return to Toronto, Ontario, I may look up another marijuana shop. As long as we stay away from the falls while smoking, I’ll be fine.


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All we could do was spin the wheels and laugh.

Neither my mother nor I were big gamblers, unless you consider online casinos that don’t pay out real money, like gambling.

When my mother told me ‌she wanted to spend her 80th birthday in Las Vegas, I knew I was going to make it happen‌.

I was talking to my husband told what mama had asked for her birthday. He told me ‌I should make the reservations at any hotel, and have a good time. When we first stepped into the casino, I could see my mom’s eyes trailing over to all the slot machines. We weren’t even in our room for 10 minutes when she was already heading out the door to go down and do some gambling. We never made it to the slot machines because she saw the spinning wheels. She enjoyed being able to lay her money down on a board and pick a number. She won little money, but we did a lot of laughing while she was there. On the third day that mom and I were in Las Vegas, I asked her she had a good time. She told me there was only one thing that she still wanted to do before we went home, and that was to go to a marijuana café. She had read all about Las Vegas, Nevada, and realized that Las Vegas, Nevada, had legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. Someone had told her that marijuana could ease the aches in her joints, and since we were already in Vegas where recreational marijuana was legal, she thought we may as well go try it out.

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The price of flower is going up

It’s been a really long time since the price of marijuana has gone up.

My friends and I have been paying the same price for dried marijuana flower for the past two years.

One of the reasons why we can get good prices on marijuana is due to the fact that we live in a state where recreational and medical marijuana are legal. My friends and I live in Seattle, Washington. Even though it rains 200 days out of the year, we can buy recreational marijuana for extremely inexpensive prices. For the last two years, I’ve found eighths of marijuana for $10. Even top-shelf flower is on sale for $15 an eighth. During the last month, I’ve been to a couple of different Seattle marijuana dispensaries looking for a good deal on flower and it seems clear to me that the prices everywhere are on the rise. It’s definitely not something that is good news, especially for an everyday marijuana smoker like me. I specifically moved to Seattle, Washington about 10 years ago, just because the state and city has legal recreational marijuana. I was living in Idaho, where marijuana is illegal and frowned upon. When I was offered a job in Seattle, I had to take it. I didn’t think another opportunity would come up if I let that one pass up. Since I moved to Seattle, my mental health has been much better than it has been in a decade. Even if the prices go up a little bit, I’m still thankful to live in a state with taxes and legal laws.
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Beverly hills has really expensive prices on weed

There are a lot of places in California where marijuana and cannabis products are extremely expensive.

Whenever possible, it’s best not to buy marijuana in a big city.

Believe it or not, prices are usually cheaper when you leave the city and head out of town. A lot of people live in the city and they earn a good wage. People that don’t live in the city don’t earn as much money, but they still want to buy marijuana products. The prices in these areas are usually much lower. My friends and I spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills. We all come from really good families that have lots of money. We spend a lot of time shopping on Rodeo Drive and there are a lot of marijuana dispensaries in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, all of those places charge outrageous prices for marijuana products. I have money, but I’m still thrifty. Instead of buying marijuana in Beverly Hills, my friends and I usually Drive outside of Los Angeles County. On the west side of the county, you can always find really good deals and cheap prices. My friends and I drove out to the country to get marijuana supplies a couple of weeks ago. While we were going, we got a flat tire. I called my dad and he gave me a hard time, because I was supposed to let a driver take my friends and I. I didn’t want to wait until the driver got home from the art show, so my friends and I left on our own. Of course, my dad still came to our rescue and called a tow truck.

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