I wanted to visit my Grandmother.

I wanted to spend the summer with my grandmother.

I talked to mom and dad and asked if they minded if I went to Glenville, IL for the summer and spent time with my grandma. They didn’t argue about my going, but they seemed a bit concerned. Mom’s argument was that this would be the last summer for me to be at home. Next summer we will be getting ready for me to go to college. I’m sure she felt like I was leaving her, but it was just the summer. It wasn’t like I was never coming back home. Finally, I was on the plane and Glenville, IL bound. I got off the plane and realized the temperature was only in the eighties. It was nearly ninety-five when I got on the plane. I was revelling in how nice it was to be outside and still able to breathe. My mom’s mom and dad’s father were waiting for me at the airport. I didn’t even know they were friends. Grandma said that when they met while we were there last summer, they became friends. The way they smiled at each other reminded me of how mom and dad smiled at each other. I didn’t care, because I was in glenville, IL to check out the college, and get my application turned in. When we got to grandma’s apartment, I almost shivered. IShe had the air conditioning on, but it was still chilly. I guessed there was going to be a lot to get used to besides just the air conditioning. Grandma and grandpa were very close.

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Right weather for the holidays

I love living in Orland Park, Illinois.

  • I like that I get a winter season.

I don’t understand how southerners can feel festive when they don’t get cold. I can’t imagine not getting snow and feeling the chill of winter. That is part of the spirit! I always make my winter beginning with a furnace tune up. Orland Park can get in the 10-30 degree range in the winter. My gas furnace needs to be on top of its game for at least four months straight. I don’t want to deal with unexpected heater repairs or be left cold when there is snow on the ground. There is something magical about having snow outside but a warm heater blazing indoors during Christmas time. It actually feels like the holidays. Do people in warm climates watch holiday movies with snow? It must feel so odd to them to see that. I love that my kids can play in the snow and build snowmen, make snow angels and fight with it. We get just enough cold in my area that spring is a welcome visitor. I love that I can enjoy springtime plants and the kids can hunt easter eggs when it is warmer. Way up north, those states live with the possibility of kids hunting Easter eggs in snow and going trick or treating in the snow too. That must really stink. I feel Illusionist really offers the best kind of weather. I get cold and heat. I get times where I don’t use my HVAC. I always know the next season is coming and not going to last long.


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Fresh fish, produce and cannabis at the market

I think it is cannabis anyway

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle Washington is to shop. Pike Place Market is such a good spot to do it too. There is a fish market, produce stand, handmade items, spices and just hard to get goods. I love getting my fresh seafood there. I buy shrimp, scallops that are as big as my hand and fresh salmon. I also get some produce like corn, peppers, onions and zucchini. I love doing a seafood night and then grilling the fresh vegetables. My house ends up smelling a little fishy afterwards but it is so worth it. Another perk to Seattle and the various markets is that I can get cannabis there too. I usually pick up some cannabis cooking oil, butter or seasoning to make with my elaborate dinner. I like to do a dry rub on the salmon and throw my shrimp and scallops in the cannabutter. The cannabis cooking oil is a great drizzle for my veggies. I try to stick with cannabis items that aren’t too high in THC. I like to have enough in my system that I am relaxed and happy. I don’t want to go to bed high like a kite. They say a little bit of THC helps a person sleep at night. I can attest to that. I think it is cannabis anyway. It could be the great fresh food that I pick up at Pike Place though. Either way, I always have a great weekend after doing a little shopping in the city. It is one of my favorite things to do and I do it monthly.

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An active California vacation

I am a very active person.

When I book a trip I don’t care about museums, shopping or restaurants.

I just want to do fun things that are active. I recently booked a trip to California. I am going to fly into Los Angeles, rent a car and stay in Santa Barbara for a few days. Then I am going to drive up the coast and stop at Big Sur. Why are those two locations catching my eye? Santa Barbara offers all types of physical things to do. I found tons of kayak tours where you can paddle along the coast and pop into caves. I also found biking routes, hikes to waterfalls and places that offer outdoor yoga. Santa Barbara is also quite fancy and high end. I can get a luxurious hotel with a great fitness centre and pool if I want. I also could run through the city and see the gorgeous buildings, cool shops and legal cannabis dispensaries. After I am done in that area, driving along the coast will be cool and Big Sur offers tons of hiking. There are look out points, trails that go through redwood trees, and even more waterfalls. I rented myself a whole house in Big Sur that you can walk to Sand Dollar beach and see redwoods from the porch. I plan to run to the beach and work out right there. An active vacation is the best way to go I think. That way I can eat, smoke legal cannabis, and drink California wine by the barrel and not feel guilty. Everyday I am going to do something physical.
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