The HVAC company is located in Tampa but still agreed to visit me in Parrish

I opted to move with my girlfriend to Parrish after several years of living in downtown Tampa near South Nebraska. We were both getting claustrophobic from the dense, city life. Neither of us were raised in a metropolitan area like Tampa Bay, as we had moved up here from Venice which is a growing city in Sarasota County about an hour to the south of here. Downtown Tampa was fun at first, especially the bars in Ybor City back when my girlfriend and I showed up at the age of 18. When we finally hit the legal age to drink, our partying kicked into high gear for another two or three years. Then we got burned out on the nightlife and started spending more time in St. Petersburg and nature preserves like Weedon Island Preserve and Sawgrass Lake Park. That’s what pushed us down to Parrish because we realized that we loved the outdoor environment in Florida more than anything else about the state. There’s plenty of rural neighborhoods in Parrish that are a far cry from the insanity that we experienced in downtown Tampa for so many years. Thankfully our HVAC company still works with us after we moved from Tampa to north Manatee County this past year. They consider Parrish to be part of the greater Tampa Bay area so they are happy to service our heating and cooling system out there. We still live close enough to visit the city when we want to live and experience city life again. It’s just a matter of jumping on Interstate 75 and we’re in Tampa in under an hour.
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Can I get marijuana delivered?

You can only receive the amounts of marijuana mentioned in the rules, as you can get if in the store

I had lived in Denver, CO for fifteen years while my husband was serving in the Air Force. My husband lived there when I met him, and when we got married, we moved into his house. I loved Denver, CO, until I had a car accident. I couldn’t drive afterward, and I had a constant pain in the leg that was no longer attached. The doctor told me it was phantom pain, but there was nothing phantom about it. The pain was real and debilitating. He prescribed medical marijuana for me to help ease the pain by relaxing my body and mind. The only thing I didn’t like about using medical marijuana was that I needed to go to the dispensary to pick it up. Once I found out they offered marijuana delivery to some areas in Denver, CO, I could only pray they delivered to my area. I knew that home delivery was permitted in Denver as long as the marijuana business had a delivery permit. You can only receive the amounts of marijuana mentioned in the rules, as you can get if in the store. If you lived in a hotel or apartment building that allowed marijuana on its premises, you could have it delivered to your home. The marijuana delivery driver and the marijuana dispensary must verify the customer lives at the hotel and that the hotel or apartment building does not prohibit marijuana on its premises, before making the delivery. I thought about how much easier this life would be if I hadn’t had the accident, lost my husband in that accident, and I didn’t need medical marijuana.

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Denver has great prices on medical and recreational marijuana products

There are a couple of places in the midwest that have legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

One of those places is Colorado.

Colorado has had legal medical and recreational marijuana for more than a decade. Medical marijuana was already legalized at that point. The dispensaries already selling medical marijuana were allowed to start selling recreational products as well. When marijuana was legalized, new recreational dispensaries started popping up all over the place. It seems like the owners of these shops were ready to go as soon as the law was passed. 21 days after the new law went into effect, a construction crew broke ground on a brand new medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. The place was finished about a month later. Construction crews were working all day and all night to get things ready. When the Denver marijuana shop opened, they had a huge sale on everything in the store. All prices were 25% off the original for the first month that the dispensary was open for business. The place already had the best prices on marijuana and all of Denver, and the 25% off sale made the prices even lower. I stocked up on as many marijuana supplies as I could before the end of the sale. Now that the grand opening celebration is over, prices on all of the marijuana products are around the same as every other dispensary in the city of Denver. Every once in a while, the dispensary has a sale and that’s when I stock up on all of the items that I need.

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We rolled joints and went to the Topanga State Park to hike for the day

I learned how to roll a joint from my older brother.

He was three years ahead of me and I tried to hang out with him and his friends whenever they’d allow it. And because of my age, they pushed me away most of the time. We lived in a number of different neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley and I struggled to maintain a consistent friend group. The kids in these southern Californian schools were tough and formed strong cliques. That’s why I always followed my older brother around if he’d allow it. In retrospect, I should be thankful for his influence on me at the time. Sure, you might say it wasn’t right for him to let me try marijuana at 16, but I had been pestering him for years and he always told me “no way” with no further explanation. When I told him that I had studied meditation from books I got from our uncle, I tried to get him to see it from my perspective. For all I knew, cannabis would be a great meditation aid. Once I was officially a “smoke buddy” of my brother and his close friends, I soon learned the art of rolling joints. Now that I’m nestled into the Tarzana area along the Santa Monica Mountains, I’m still rolling joints the way my brother taught me all those years ago. Recently my girlfriend and I stopped at a dispensary in Tarzana to get the best cannabis flower products that we could find in the area. Then we rolled a bunch of joints and packed a lunch so we could hike throughout Topanga State Park for the day. We had loads of fun and grew closer after the trip.

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