It was a surprise to see our seasoned friend Jack

Jack was a friend of mine in middle school! We played soccer together for the middle school team and every one of us played in a Winter league as well, but i didn’t go to college for soccer, however Jack did! Eventually every one of us lost touch and only communicated through our SMS. I had not received an SMS from Jack in a couple of months and then I ran into the guy a single morning in downtown San francisco. Both of us are from San Francisco, so it’s not that odd to run into each other. I did know it was terribly different that the guy didn’t even bother to tell me that he was back. I saw Jack coming out of a San Francisco marijuana dispensary… He had another guy with him at the time, but jack introduced me to his friend and then he made an excuse to stop talking and walked off quickly. I hadn’t seen the guy in a long time and I felt like every one of us had a really odd and awkward exchange. I was going to SMS him a little bit later in the night, but I got a direct message from Jack about an fourth after the odd encounter. He apologized for being different and bizarre. He said that he was caught off guard coming out of the marijuana dispensary. He didn’t expect to see anyone that he knew that morning and he didn’t want me to tell his parents that he was using recreational marijuana, and then he admitted that the guy with him in San Francisco wasn’t entirely a friend. It was his guy and he didn’t know if I was going to be weirded when I found out that he was gay.

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