Author: Lucy

Santa Barbara was supposed to be a safe place

One of the reasons why I decided to take my family to Santa Barbara is because it is known to be a very safe City. Santa Barbara is a very popular destination with tourists. The area has a lot of beach resorts. Just 20 miles offshore is the Channel Islands National Park. This area off […]

I thought the kids would be fine alone

My wife and I decided to visit some friends that live in Denver. We planned to be gone all day, and we were going to call my mom to come sit with the kids. When my wife and I mentioned leaving to spend the day in Denver, the kids wanted to stay home alone. My […]

I miss the beach almost every single day

My wife and I moved to Denver, Colorado a couple of years ago. I haven’t worked since then. I enjoy being a kept man,especially after my wife made me move 2000 miles away from my family and friends. I didn’t want to leave the sunshine and humidity of the South. I wasn’t particularly excited about […]