The whole-house air purifier needs to be ran tests on

Last year while I was in this time of the year, our family & I decided to add an whole-house air purifier to our home. The two of us were worried about the virus, however the outdoor pollen count was absolutely high that month. The two of us purchased a unit that resembles a ductless furnace or a/c. The whole-house air purifier runs continuously to unlink allergens, germs, bacteria, & viruses from the indoor air, i realized it’s been a year since the whole-house air purifier has been installed, & I knew it was time to have a service performed on the machine. I called the Orland Park HVAC provider. The same supplier installed the whole-house air purifier last year. The Orland Park HVAC provider made an appointment for me. The service was absolutely covered under our warranty. I did not have to pay anything for the tune up service. I forgot the Orland Park service provider included this with the warranty. If I had remembered, I really would have contacted the supplier earlier. The service worker came to the lake house on Sunday, he diagnosed the mechanical & electrical parts of the machine. He inspected all of the parts to make sure they were working perfectly. He also inspected the indoor air pollen levels. He changed the filter on the whole-house air purifier. When the guy was finished, he gave myself and others a list of all the services to be provided. He also gave myself and others a receipt for the service tune up & left without saying much of anything else. It was relatively quick, painless, & simple to have the tune up service performed.


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