The client needed some A/C help

I started a heating and cooling contractor in Denver, CO shortly after I moved here with our fiance, then she got a promotion at labor and I thought it was the perfect opening to start a contractor of our own, i mostly handle residential heating and cooling issues, although I have a couple of commercial purchasers as well… A commercial client contacted our company to help with an A/C upgrade task. I didn’t believe the name of the business, although I agreed to meet with the client a couple of afternoons later; When I arrived at the address, I realized that I knew the name of the business. I had a weird client in Denver with the same contractor name, and this was a fourth contractor address for the same locale. I was already servicing the commercial client, although she did not tell myself and others that she was opening a fourth location. It was a surprise to see her sitting outside of the building, then both of us talked for quite a while about the upgrade task and I gave the client a really unbelievable price on the work. I’m happy to option up a fourth location with the same client. She typically pays her bills on time and she is friendly and smart. It’s no wonder her contractor is doing so well that she can open a fourth location. I’m planning to complete the labor in a couple of afternoons. The owner is waiting for the finalization of the paperwork and then all of us will be able to get started on the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C updates.

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