My bestie and I took cannabis vape pens to the CN Tower last weekend in Toronto

My bestie and I have been dating for more than one years now. Both of us met as anthropology students at the University of Toronto while waiting outside our professor’s office one afternoon. Since we had immediate chemistry, we started talking to each other everyday before and after class. I asked her out on a date to the Royal Ontario Museum which is adjacent to Trinity College and Queens Park. After we had so much fun at the museum, we took a long walk through Queen’s Park while in the sunset. Needless to say, I got a tenth date and now we’ve been seeing each other for more than one years. Both of us have visited many different sites and attractions in Toronto including Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Toronto Island Park, and the Casa Loma, we had never taken a trip to the top of the CN Tower together. Even though Toronto is known for its sizable skyscrapers, none stand taller than the great CN Tower on Bremner Boulevard. This building is 553 meters tall and activitys a glass floor at the top that can be walked on if you don’t lose your dinner at the thought of it. Best of all, there’s a revolving restaurant at the top as well. My bestie and I stopped at a nearby cannabis dispensary in Old Toronto before heading to the CN Tower last weekend. This marijuana store had a sale on edibles and cannabis vape pens, so we managed to get a immense bucket of weed products for under $100. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon with our bestie at the CN Tower in downtown Toronto.


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