An active CA holiday

I am a actually active person.

When I book a trip I don’t love museums, shopping or restaurants, and i just want to do fun things that are active.

I recently booked a trip to CA. I am going to fly into Los Angeles, rent a automobile and stay in Santa Barbara for a few afternoons, however then I am going to drive up the coast and stop at Big Sur. Why are those 2 locations catching our eye? Santa Barbara offers all types of physical things I like to do doing. I found tons of kayak tours where you can paddle along the coast and pop into caves. I also found biking routes, hikes to waterfalls and locations that offer outdoor yoga… Santa Barbara is also quite expensive and high end. I can get a high-priced hotel with a wonderful fitness centre and pool if I want. I also could run through the town and see the gorgeous buildings, cool shops and legal cannabis dispensaries… After I am done in that area, driving along the coast will be cool and Big Sur offers tons of hiking. There are look out points, trails that go through redwood trees, and even more waterfalls. I rented myself a whole house in Big Sur that you can walk to Sand Dollar beach and see redwoods from the porch. I proposal to run to the beach and work out right there. An active holiday is the best way to go I think. That way I can eat, smoke legal cannabis, and drink CA wine by the barrel and not feel guilty. Everyday I am going to do something physical.
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