We're headed back there for the summer

My cousins & I were pretty close as teenagers, our parents lived in the same village, & we opted to go to the same school, life was fantastic since we were always there for a single another & rarely felt alone when our parents were tied up at work, however, after private school, we opted to go to different colleges & didn’t see each other as often.

The best moments were when we were back condo for the summer time holidays, but someone was always missing, but every one of us finished college, got emplotted , & went further apart, and but, through a dedicated chat group, we always made sure to check in on each other.

Last year, we had a opportunity to slow down & spent most mornings catching up. Every one of us promised to meet & go on trip when it was safe to do so. The time for the trip came this summer, & we opted to go to NM, however it was a single of the few states none of us had visited before, & we opted to stay in Albuquerque. The hotel was so lovely that we spent that first afternoon on trip lounging by the pool & catching up. Then the next afternoon, we opted to go to tour the city, & the hotel manager advised us to visit Old Town Alburquerque. The site was as lovely as he had described, & we got to learn so much about how the city came to be; My cousins & I wanted some weed gummies & other edibles in the evening, so we opted to go to a cannabis dispensary. It was such a bonus for our trip that cannabis was legal in NM.


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