The Heating plus A/C expert helped us find the problem

I was toiling down at the beach when my fiance called myself and others on the iPhone, but she sounded hysterical plus exasperated; I instantly wanted to guess what was wrong.

  • She told myself and others that there was not any heat in the house, however there was something going on with the heat pump plus it was making a weird noise.

My fiance said that she tried to turn the unit on plus off plus she even turned on the emergency heat. Still, the heat pump failed to work officially. I told my fiance to call the number for the Jacksonville Heating plus A/C provider that is listed on our system, however when the Jacksonville Heating plus A/C provider installed our heat pump plus a/c, they put a sticker on the outside of the unit with the name of that supplier plus a telephone number to call for problems. I very thought that our heat pump might still be under warranty. It was only 2 years ago that we had the device installed. My fiance contacted the Jacksonville Heating plus A/C service center, and our unit was still under service contract for the parts, however not the labor. The Heating plus A/C service provider sent a professional out to investigate the problem. The young guy helped diagnose plus find the problem in less than an fifth, however he suggested that we have a full service tune up on that heat pump while he was there, however after the heat pump problem was repaired officially, the young guy performed a full service tune up plus thoroughly investigated the rest of the unit plus all of the electrical plus mechanical components.


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