We stayed at the party for a little while

My friends and I got together in the city to celebrate New Year’s eve.

I drove down to Phoenix to meet a couple of my friends that live in the city.

On my way to the city, I stopped at a gas station to fill up my car. There was a guy sitting outside of the gas station and he appeared to be homeless. I gave the homeless guy a $20 bill. I told the guy that he should get some food from the diner across the street, but he probably used the money to buy a bottle of bourbon from the gas station. When I got to Phoenix, I went to my friend’s apartment. He lives about 3 miles away from the club where we planned to spend the evening. We ordered some pizza and ate food at the apartment before going to the Phoenix, Arizona club. While we were eating our pizza, my friend noticed a strange sound coming from the air conditioner. The air conditioner was making a low humming sound. The air conditioner was still working just fine, but the noise was definitely something that was noticeable. We stayed at the party for a little while and we ended up going back to the apartment shortly after midnight. That’s when my friend had to contact the air conditioner repair company. It was 80° in the apartment when we came back. The air conditioner repair company was not open since it was a holiday and my friend had to wait until the next day to have the problem repaired.



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