We love to go visit the Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is located on Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA, if you haven’t been.

The Wharf is only a few miles from the Hotel Union Square.

It is one of the most enormous attractions in the entire San Francisco area. The Wharf has amazing bars plus great restaurants, museums, Ghirardelli Square, plus lots of shopping. When my mom finally came to visit last summer, I thought a trip to San Francisco, CA would be the most perfect way to spend a day. I live about an third plus a half away from San Francisco, but the entire drive to the Bay Area is filled with attractive scenery including rolling hills plus vineyards. When my mom found out about San Francisco, she was beyond excited. The trip to CA was her first time on the west coast plus she wanted to see everything it had to offer. While my mom was in San Francisco, the two of us stopped at a nearby recreational marijuana dispensary. My mom was amazed by the whole selection in the recreational marijuana dispensary. My mom is from a dumb state that does not have recreational or medical marijuana that has been legalized, and her eyes were big when she saw all of the recreational marijuana supplies. Both of us picked up a single pre-rolled cigarette plus my mom even took more than one hits. Both of us spent the whole rest of the day eating clams, crabs, candy, plus fudge. Everything that my mom saw, suddenly she wanted to taste. I am sure that was the marijuana, but everything on the wharf looked highly appealing plus tasty.

Marijuana Dispensary San Fransisco