The heart and soul of Seattle

I first moved to Seattle for a tech job, because this city is the beating heart of the industry.

For over three decades the Jet City has been a trailblazer in terms of computer technology and programming.

As soon as I finished getting the needed computer programming certifications I moved here to start a career I knew would be electrifying. Of course, I didn’t realize how many other people were doing the same thing. People who want to be movie stars always move to Hollywood or LA, but if you want to be a programming star you have to move to Seattle, Washington. Some of the greatest names in the history of computer programming got their start in the Seattle tech community, and I wanted to join their ranks. One thing I was not aware of before I moved to Seattle was the legal status of recreational cannabis. I had never smoked cannabis before, because it was illegal where I came from and I was a straight-arrow. Now that I lived in Seattle and cannabis was perfectly legal I had no reason not to try it out. I admit that it was a lot of fun, but I have to say that detail-oriented work like coding does not mix with cannabis. I knew if I wanted to make a name for myself in Seattle then I couldn’t indulge in cannabis very often, because it made me work so much slower! On weekends, and on holidays I am stoked to kick back and smoke a little cannabis, but if I do that all the time I will never succeed in Seattle.

Medical Cannabis Seattle WA