The parts for the commercial furnace install arrived on Friday

I ordered parts for a commercial furnace installation job and the parts arrived on Friday.

Unfortunately, the job was supposed to start on Friday. The parts for the commercial furnace installation job were supposed to come directly to my warehouse in Elgin, Illinois. I also have an office in Chicago, illinois. That’s where the parts were delivered. When I called to complain, the guys went back to the shop and picked up the parts. They were supposed to bring them right over to Elgin the next day so I could still handle the installation on Friday. No one ever showed up and I didn’t hear anything from the parts company. I contacted the commercial repair customer and I told the owner of the laundromat that I had to postpone the installation until monday. I expected the guy to tell me off, but he was having some problems with the washing machines and the water. He sounded completely frazzled on the phone. The new ductless AC unit was not on the top of his concern list. I asked the guy if I could provide an Elgin plumbing service, but he already had someone on the way. The parts for the commercial furnace installation job finally arrived on Friday to the Elgin office address after two days of road trips. I went down to the laundromat on Monday to complete the installation job. The guy was still having plumbing issues, but the contractors were there and they had the whole left side of the place torn apart. We worked side by side. There really wasn’t much room for customers that day.

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