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Beverages contain cannabis extracts and the cannabinoids have already been activated and are ready to consume.

There was a time when cannabis-infused beverages were absolutely awful. The texture was grainy and the flavor extremely unpleasant. It has taken quite a bit of experimentation, innovation and effort to create cannabis beverages that are worth the investment. While only the true cannabis connoisseur will appreciate the taste, there are some advantages to beverages. The dosing is super easy. You know exactly how much THC and CBD you’re getting from a single portion. They don’t require any investment into special gear such as rolling trays, Enails or even a lighter. All you need to do is unscrew the cap and sip. No one can tell that you’re consuming cannabis. There is no smoke, smell or ash. Beverages are equally if not more discreet than gummies, brownies and other edibles. The varieties available at my local Denver dispensary are quite diverse, including tonics, cannabeer, colas, sparkling water, infused tea and mocktails. They are quite refreshing, convenient, offered in lots of flavors and range from THC-dominant to balanced to CBD-dominant options. Cannabis beverages are unlike inhaled methods because of how the cannabinoids are activated. Smoking or vaping cannabis requires heating to activate the chemical compounds. Beverages contain cannabis extracts and the cannabinoids have already been activated and are ready to consume. The effects of beverages are felt a bit quicker than the typical edible because of sublingual absorption of the cannabinoids. The onset of effects is usually between 8 and 15 minutes. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the mouth and tongue as well as the digestive tract and can produce greater intensity than smoking or vaping.
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Pre-rolls are an easy choice when you go to the Denver dispensary

Although I’ve tried just about every cannabis consumption method, I always go back to old-fashioned flower.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of lighting up, inhaling and enjoying the rapid onset of effects.

Now that cannabis is legal in Colorado, I have access to a wide selection of trains, potency and terpenes. There are quite a few options with super high THC content. When I buy loose dried flower, I usually pack it into a pipe. I’d much rather smoke a joint or blunt, but I’m not very good at rolling them. I either pack too much or not enough bud into the roll. I roll it up too tightly or not tight enough. There’s a lot of mess and waste and I don’t achieve a consistent burn. The joint usually needs to be relit repeatedly. It’s extremely frustrating. I am thankful that my local Denver dispensary offers an incredible collection of pre-rolls. They are available in sativa, indica and hybrids, and I can choose singles or packs. The pre-rolls tend to be more affordable than most any other consumption method. They are often featured in the dispensary’s daily deals. Because of this, I can afford to experiment a bit. I like to try out new brands, strains and flavors and hope to find more favorites. I can trust that their pre-rolls are filled with stems, seeds and shake. I look for the infused varieties for a boost of cannabinoids and terpenes. Stiiizy is one of my favorite brands. Their indoor-grown pre-rolls are especially good quality and offer the latest innovation in cross-breeding. Sun-grown LAKE GRADE pre-rolls offer unique genetics. The sativa-dominant Lemon Sour Diesel is great for daytime smoking and always puts me in a really energetic and positive mood.
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I love Phoenix, but the summer heat is killing me

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.

It is also one of the largest cities in the state.

Phoenix is known for its history and culture. There are several high-end resorts as well as a number of professional golf courses located in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife and I both enjoy playing golf. I was never a professional, but my wife played golf in college and she enjoyed an amateur spot for several years. The two of us travel all over the country checking out different golf courses. This was our first time in Phoenix and I wanted to hit all of the courses. We were there for 5 days and we played seven rounds of golf. My favorite course was one designed by Jack Nicklaus himself. I specifically like the 6th and the 10th, because of their difficulty and water hazard. I would have preferred to stay in Phoenix longer. There were still some places that my wife and I did not get to see. Unfortunately, the summer heat was killing me. I knew it was going to be hot, but nothing prepared me for 110 degrees. It was more than 100° outside every single day. Thank goodness for a light wind, otherwise my wife and I would never have been able to finish our rounds of golf. I don’t know how people manage to live there during the whole summer. They must have some incredibly good air conditioners. Our hotel did not have a very good air conditioner. I found myself constantly adjusting the temperature so it was cooler and cooler inside of the room. It would have been a lot better if the air conditioner had worked properly during our stay.

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Nobody leaves the lights on after dark

I came home from work on Friday and I didn’t think any of the kids were home.

All of the lights were shut off and the house was quiet.

I walked through the door and the kids came round the corner and greeted me with a big hello and lots of smiles. The kids made me so proud when they told me that all of the lights were off so we could conserve energy. There had been an assembly at school that day about energy saving tips and ways to help our environment. The kids told me that they aren’t going to leave the lights on after dark anymore. Even my littlest child was convinced that it was specifically his duty to save the planet by not being afraid of the dark. Perhaps that was one of the ways they explained this to the little kids. I was proud of the kids when I found out that they were trying to save energy. We had an AC repairman in the house a few weeks ago because there was an issue with the thermostat. I was worried that the problem was with the AC, so I called a Tampa Bay service. The Tampa Bay service provider assured me that the issue was in fact with the thermostat. He changed the old thermostat and gave me something new and updated. That seemed to have fixed the problem. So far, everything has been pretty good. I really think the issue was the temperature control gauge, and I like the new machine. It has a touchscreen and programmable features.

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