We were not interested in that

Jack had his heart broken once in high university and swore never to like again, but all his dedication was to his business! He only felt close to his mom and sister however otherwise avoided interacting with girls at all costs.

  • His friends always thought he was gay, however Jack was just terrified of being hurt again, then one day, a neighbor invited him to the lake house for a small supper event.

He’d invited some friends from university and wanted Jack there… Jack tried to get out of it, however his neighbor wouldn’t accept any excuses. Jack showed up to the supper with an extravagant bottle of wine and no intention of interacting a lot, then but he was mesmerized by this girl he’d never seen before! It turns out his friend’s sister was also at the event and caught Jack’s eye… Despite his better judgment, they spoke that night, planned a date, and began dating a few weeks later; Their relationship progressed when Jack took his bestie to Libertyville to see his mom last week. It was fall, and the temperature was already dropping. His mom’s lake house felt so attractive with the gas furnace running as she welcomed them home. His mom was not merciful as she told tales of how she thought her child would never bring a girl home. Jack felt love running away the whole time, however his bestie and mom genuinely bonded during that trip. Jack had planned a surprise for his girl and commanded to her as she laughed so hard at one of his mom’s jokes. She stopped mid-way and immediately started crying because of the surprise. His mom, too, was crying, and now Jack had two girls he had to comfort crying out of joy.


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Mom wanted to try some CBD oil to help with the pain

The phone call came when dad and I were busy in the kitchen. We were getting dinner ready since mom was running late coming home from work. Then the phone rang, and dad went to answer it. It was the police, and they had some terrible news for us. When coming home, mom’s car was hit by a drunk driver, and she was at the hospital. We ran out of the door and almost forgot to turn off the stove. We got to the hospital but could not see her since she was in surgery. After what seemed like forever, a doctor came and told us mom was doing okay. Lucky for her, she only had a fractured leg and arm. But no major organs were affected by accident. A few weeks later, she was discharged, and we took her home. Mom began her healing process and had to go to physiotherapy to help with her leg and arm. However, the recovery process was not easy, and at times she was in a lot of pain. Mom did not want to take lots of pain meds, so she began using CBD oils, which offered relief. There was a weed shop a couple of blocks from our home where I went to get her some. Dad was the best all this time because he took care of her so well. Mom never had to do anything because dad had all of it under control. All he wanted was for his wife to get better. I promised mom we would do a lot of things together once she was able to go exploring.


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I wanted to spend some time exploring the outdoors in Libertyville

My job was one of the essential parts of my life.

I loved what I did, and it allowed me to travel.

If it weren’t for it, I doubt I’d ever have found myself in Libertyville. Last spring, we had an important conference happening in Illinois. I was among the team chosen by our company president to attend. So much was changing in the industry, and such events were crucial to our growth. We flew to Libertyville on a Friday evening and settled in our hotel. Though it was spring, there was still a noticeable chill in the air. That’s why I was so delighted with the zoned heating in the hotel. I had the liberty to change the temperature settings as I pleased in my room. The next day, my colleagues and I felt the need to enjoy some time exploring the outdoors. Our waiter the previous night had told us about the Lake County Forest Reserves. There were so many beautiful trails where hiking was allowed. That sounded like so much fun, so we set off early in the morning. We planned to hike for some time then go into the town to have some breakfast. The forest reserves were as adventurous as we’d been told, if not more. Many hikers enjoyed the wide paths surrounded by pure nature. It felt good to get some exercise and marvel at the views. Plus, we learned we could come back again and bike. Once we’d had enough of the hike, we went into the town and got to explore some lovely restaurants. Indeed I had been wrong about Libertyville since it had so much to offer.

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No one imagined winter could last well into May in Denver

But knowing him, he would try and coerce me to join him either way.

I woke up in May and had to wonder if it was still January. Normally it would be spring as people got ready for summer. But, the ‘weather gods’ had probably had other things in mind. Snow in May? What was happening? Nothing like this had ever happened in Denver in a long time. That was a sure sign for me to know my heating system would remain on for another month or so. I had planned to spend the summer months doing a few tours of different attractions. My aunt came to visit last year and told me fascinating tales. It was like I was listening to stories about another place and not Denver, where I had lived for the past 5 years. Truth be told, most of my social life was grabbing a drink or dancing with friends. But, my boyfriend was a bit different. He did not like the clubs and was more adventurous. The first time I visited the area where I could view the Rocky Mountains, I was blown away. I sort of fell in love with the outdoors and promised we’d explore more in summer. But, when the snow was not yet over in May, I was unsure about those plans. No one wanted to go to such attractions and see a blanket of white. But knowing him, he would try and coerce me to join him either way. That was something we’d have to discuss in length because I did not fare too well in the cold. I was already picturing my aunt trying to convince me to go. Still, I could not believe it had been snowing since last September, and there seemed to be no end in sight.


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