We needed a local HVAC repairman fast

My wife and I took the kids to see a late night movie on friday.

We did not get home until almost midnight.

By that time of the evening, everyone was tired and ready to go to bed. Both of the kids, my wife, and myself had all been up since 7:00 that morning. Staying up till midnight makes a very late day. We tried to get the kids to see the movie on Saturday, but Friday was opening night and they did not want to wait. The kids wanted to meet some friends at the movies as well. My wife and I sat in a row away from the kids so they could hang out with their friends. The movie was pretty good, even though it was definitely a kid’s flick. The movie was about a kid that got special powers and could time travel. It was a warm and humid evening that night. When my wife and I got home with the kids, we immediately noticed a problem with the AC unit. The AC unit was not running at all. The thermostat said the temperature was 75° in the house. The AC unit definitely should have been running. I tried to toggle the switch on the thermostat from the AC to the off position and then back to the AC position again. I had no luck fixing the problem so my wife and I had to call a local Phoenix repairman. We found a couple of Phoenix HVAC repair companies that were open 24 hours, but we had to pay an extra fee for overnight service.

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