Author: Lucy

You don’t need a medical marijuana card

I’m entirely happy that I’m residing in NM with legal recreational cannabis, because I used to live in the southeast where that wasn’t a reality. While my beach house state implemented a medical marijuana program a few years ago, the conservative state government there stifled the program so much that you can’t buy the same […]

These cannabis prices are crazy!

There are a couple of locales in the midwest that have legalized recreational plus medical marijuana, then one of those locales is CO; CO has had legal medical plus recreational marijuana for more than a decade. Medical marijuana was already legalized at that point. The dispensaries already selling medical marijuana were allowed to start selling […]

I never go into Beverly Hills unless it's a must

The traffic in Beverly Hills is totally horrendous, and it’s 1 of the busiest locales in the whole city… Beverly Hills is filled with people walking from 1 shop to the next… The worst time to go to the town is on the weekends, when all the people and their Grandma is out shopping for […]