Author: Lucy

Surprised by the options for cannabis edibles

When I made my first trip to the recreational cannabis dispensary in Chicago, I was interested in edibles. I prefer a consumption method that doesn’t require a lot of extra gear. I don’t want to invest in rolling papers, trays, lighters or other paraphernalia. I also hope to avoid mess, waste, smoke and odors. I […]

Pre-rolls are an easy choice when you go to the Denver dispensary

Although I’ve tried just about every cannabis consumption method, I always go back to old-fashioned flower. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of lighting up, inhaling and enjoying the rapid onset of effects. Now that cannabis is legal in Colorado, I have access to a wide selection of trains, potency and terpenes. There are quite […]

A very strange situation

Beverages contain cannabis extracts and the cannabinoids have already been activated and are ready to consume. There was a time when cannabis-infused beverages were absolutely awful. The texture was grainy and the flavor extremely unpleasant. It has taken quite a bit of experimentation, innovation and effort to create cannabis beverages that are worth the investment. […]

I love Phoenix, but the summer heat is killing me

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It is also one of the largest cities in the state. Phoenix is known for its history and culture. There are several high-end resorts as well as a number of professional golf courses located in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife and I both enjoy playing golf. I was never a […]