Author: Lucy

Somebody was smoking weed

My friends and I live in a state with legal recreational cannabis laws. The laws are particularly lenient and almost everyone do not get in trouble for using cannabis, even in public. As long as you are being discreet, the cops usually do not care if someone is smoking a joint or hitting a vape […]

This holiday season should be great

I love residing in Orland Park, IL, i care about that I get a Winter time season. I don’t understand how southerners can recognize festive when they don’t get cold. I can’t imagine not getting snow as well as feeling the chill of winter! That is part of the spirit! I regularly make my Winter […]

Cannabis in Seattle is very cool

One of my number one things to do in Seattle WA is to shop, and pike Place Market is such a fantastic spot to do it too, there is a fish market, produce stand, handmade items, spices plus just hard to get goods! I prefer getting my fresh seafood there. I buy shrimp, scallops that […]

An active CA holiday

I am a actually active person. When I book a trip I don’t love museums, shopping or restaurants, and i just want to do fun things that are active. I recently booked a trip to CA. I am going to fly into Los Angeles, rent a automobile and stay in Santa Barbara for a few […]