The AC problems were just the tip of the iceberg

I took the kids to the park for a couple of hours on Saturday. Temperatures were pretty hot and I didn’t want them to get overheated. I left shortly before lunchtime and the kids and I stopped at a restaurant to grab some lunch. We were going to take the car through the drive-thru, but I decided we should go inside instead. There was a line to order, but it only took us a couple of minutes to get up to the counter. We probably spent about an hour at the restaurant. We were gone from the house for approximately 4 hours that day. When we got back to the house, it was already unbearably hot. I did not expect the temperature in the house to be 85°. There was a problem with the air conditioner and the thermostat wasn’t working either. I contacted someone at the heating and AC repair service immediately. There was no one available with the regular service provider, so I called someone else in Orland Park. I called three Orland Park heating and AC service companies before I got someone that could help me on the same day. There was no way the kids and I were going to be able to stay inside of the house when the temperatures were so hot and humid. It was honestly cooler outside because of the breeze. The Orland Park heating and AC service provider was there in about an hour. We got take out from a deli and ate outside on the patio while the heating and AC service worker took care of the indoor temperature problems.

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