The dry heat causes dry skin

The weather can be genuinely cold as well as dry while I was in the Winter weeks as well as I often have problems with cracked lips as well as hands! I use lots of moisturizer on my hands as well as I always have a tube of ChapStick in my pocket.

I always use a product that has SPF so I am protected from the moderate Phoenix, AZ sun, then even when it is cold as well as dry outside, the sunshine still shines brightly in Phoenix, AZ.

I suppose that is 1 of the reasons why it is so taxing to stay hydrated as well as moisturized, however the sunshine dries everything out even more than the atmosphere as well as the seasonal temperatures. I spoke with a Phoenix A/C service serviceman about the concern with the dry air. It has been causing some problems inside of my beach house too. That dry air can cause cracks on the paintings… Some of the paintings are worth money, then when I spoke to the Phoenix A/C service serviceman, her recommendation was to purchase a humidifier for my apartment. I did not want to spend thoUSnds as well as thoUSnds of dollars on an expensive humidifier machine. The serviceman explained to myself and others that there are lots of chances available, however humidifiers come in multiple unusual sizes. There are even small humidifiers that fit on the top of your desk. I had lots of chances available. The A/C service serviceman showed myself and others some of the items that they had in stock as well as she also recommended checking at the hardware store as well as the supercenter. She also recommended checking the prices of humidifiers online. I loved the thoughtful as well as helpful advice.

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