I have to drive from Alsip to Coal City for work

A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to move away from Chicago to the suburbs.

My wife and I looked for lots of different places to rent or buy.

I felt like renting was a good idea until we could see the area, but my wife found a house that was priced to sell. We went to look at the house and I was just as impressed with it as my wife was. The four bedroom and three bathroom house had an upstairs and a downstairs. It also has a state of the art heating and cooling system with a central air purification plan. The previous owners of the house were in the heating and AC industry. They spared no expense when it comes to the heating and AC component. There is even a ductless AC unit set up in the garage to add more living space to the total square footage of the house . My wife was right about the house. It really was a great price and an offer that we could not pass up. The house is located in Alsip, but my job is in Coal city. I have about a 30-minute drive from Alsip to Coal city, but I don’t mind one bit. I love our new home and our backyard. We even have access to a small pond that is stocked with fish like trout and bass. There are a couple of trees in the backyard that I think will make a really nice tree house when the kids are old enough to play outside.



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