I wasn't going to jump out of the plane

Occasionally my boyfriend is so crazy that it is almost spine-chilling.

The guy will do any ridiculous type of trick just because it gives him a rush.

He has been talking about jumping out of an airplane for a year as well as his friends talked him into it last weekend. The guys were visiting from San francisco. They brought some San Francisco marijuana products that my boyfriend hasn’t smoked in a long time. The live rosin Jam was $78 for 1 grand, my boyfriend as well as his friends smoked the entire gram of weed from the San Francisco cannabis boutique. They were incredibly High by the time they were done smoking as well as that has when everyone started talking about jumping out of an airplane. I knew that the guys were serious, although I didn’t feel they were going to program a skydiving experience for the next day. My boyfriend as well as his friends started looking for a arena in San Francisco that gave skydiving. I tried to pull my boyfriend into the kitchen to talk to him, but his friends gave him a taxing time every single time that I tried to get him alone. They knew I was going to try to talk him out of the foolish as well as dangerous idea. I thought my boyfriend would come to his senses after he woke up the next morning as well as had a hangover as well as a headache, despite the fact that he was ready to go. The guys smoked more of the expensive live rosin Jam from the San Francisco cannabis boutique as well as they headed out the door. My boyfriend told myself and others that he paid for myself and others to go as well, although I wasn’t jumping out of a plane unless it was on fire.

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