Someone broke into the car while we were in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t known for having a terrible problem with crime, at least not in the suburban areas.

Downtown things can be a little different when the sun sets.

My friends and I went to a club in the Haight-Ashbury district. It was our first time at this particular club in the San Francisco neighborhood. We spent most of the day in Haight-Ashbury. We shopped in small boutiques and clothing stores and we had dinner at a neat bar with dancing ladies and awesome veggie burgers. While we walked around town, we had the car parked in a secured facility. We had to park in an unmanned parking lot when we went to the club. I was nervous about parking my car in the unlit area, but my buddy assured me that everything would be just fine. I was particularly worried because we bought some cannabis supplies from a dispensary outside of San Francisco on our way to town that morning. The recreational cannabis supplies were on sale and I stocked up with a full order of eight grams. One of my favorite reasons to live in California is the recreational cannabis laws. Prices are relatively inexpensive and it’s easy to find a sale somewhere. I found BOGO $1 on live resin concentrate. Everything was locked in the trunk, but that didn’t stop the thief from finding the supplies. Someone broke into the car and ransacked the trunk as well. They stole everything of value including the weed and my brand new i-pod. It was one terrible way to end the evening after having such a fun and exciting day.