While walking around downtown Denver, I use a vape pen

Being an artist is a particularly difficult task, i never recognize when I will sell some of my labor and occasionally I have to get by with particularly little money in my pocket.

I transport around the city from place to place depending on what events are happening.

I labor on the street making caricatures of the Taurus and people walking around the city. It’s not exactly the best task, but at least I don’t have to labor in an office and I get to do what I love. I have a concern with anxiety that makes it difficult for me to be around strangers. I started using medical marijuana when it was legalized in the state of Colorado, then after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, the prices were drastically lowered on all of the medical and recreational marijuana supplies. I’m thankful for that, because health insurance does not cover medical marijuana supplies even if the dentist says it will help, during the morning when I am out in Denver toiling on Art projects, I use a marijuana vape pen to help relieve my anxiety, however the marijuana vape pen is particularly easy to use on the go. It travels well and fits into the pocket of my cargo pants, then marijuana vape pens have particularly little smell or odor, so I don’t have to worry about getting busted by the police, and even though it is particularly legal to use marijuana in the city of Denver, it’s still not legal to get high in public. I need to be careful so I don’t get into trouble.


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