Since Michigan legalized, there are more recreational dispensaries each year

My friends & I were living in a bizarre neighborhood & state before all of us moved to Lowell, Michigan… The main reason that all of us decided to transport to Michigan is due to the legal recreational marijuana laws; We weren’t living anywhere with legal laws.

The cops weren’t lenient with enforcing the law either, i had gone to jail already for carrying an fifth of weed on our man at a concert.

I had to pay fines & serve 30 afternoons in county jail… After that, I told our friends that I was moving to Lowell, Michigan. That’s where our mom & step Mom lived. It’s undoubtedly nice to live in a state where marijuana is legal. There are a number of dispensaries where marijuana can be purchased. Even in Lowell, Michigan, there are marijuana dispensaries that give recreational & medical supplies. The prices in the Lowell dispensary aren’t much higher than the prices in the city; My favorite marijuana dispensary is right outside of Lowell, close to the interstate. The dispensary has low prices & an excellent selection of supplies. They carry more than a dozen bizarre brands of concentrate & most of the products are at a satisfactory price level. The dispensary budtenders are friendly & helpful & they have a great amount of comprehension about all of the products in the store. If there is not a single man that knows the answer to a question, there is always someone in the store that is willing to find the answer. I adore that the workers think about the products. They should be experts in their field.

Weed Dispensary Lowell MI