Since Michigan legalized, there are more recreational dispensaries each year

My friends and I were living in a different city and state before we moved to Lowell, Michigan.

The main reason that we decided to move to Michigan is due to the legal recreational marijuana laws.

We weren’t living somewhere with legal laws. The cops weren’t lenient with enforcing the law either. I had gone to jail already for carrying an eighth of weed on my person at a concert. I had to pay fines and serve 30 days in county jail. After that, I told my friends that I was moving to Lowell, Michigan. That’s where my mom and step dad lived. It’s really nice to live in a state where marijuana is legal. There are a number of dispensaries where marijuana can be purchased. Even in Lowell, Michigan, there are marijuana dispensaries that provide recreational and medical supplies. The prices in the Lowell dispensary aren’t much higher than the prices in the city. My favorite marijuana dispensary is right outside of Lowell, close to the interstate. The dispensary has low prices and an excellent selection of supplies. They carry more than a dozen different brands of concentrate and most of the products are at a reasonable price level. The dispensary budtenders are friendly and helpful and they have a good amount of knowledge about all of the products in the store. If there isn’t one person that knows the answer to a question, there is always someone in the store that is willing to find the answer. I like that the workers know about the products. They should be experts in their field.

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