We spent the day on the river and I was ready to thaw out

My friends and I live in Glenview, Illinois.

We have an apartment close to the restaurant where we are employed.

We work the same shift at the Glenview restaurant. Glenview is a part of the Chicago metropolitan area. It is in the northern part of Chicago just south of Highland Park. Glenview is a beautiful place to live and the property values are much better than they are in the city. When my friends and I want to do something fun for the day, we usually head over to the beach on Tower Road park. This is an area not too far from Glenview and right on the lake. My friends and I spent most of the day fishing on Saturday and we were pretty much frozen to the core by the time that we got back to Glenview. I turned on the heater halfway home and I turned down the thermostat as soon as I got to my apartment. It took hours for me to thaw out. My girlfriend came over for dinner later that evening and she told me that it was too hot in the apartment. She tried to turn down the temperature on the thermostat and I scolded her. I was still cold. She took my temperature and it was 97°. Since I was colder than normal body temperature, she agreed to take off her sweatshirt and her pants so I wouldn’t have to turn down the temperature on the thermostat. I thought it was a great compromise and it reminded me of the reasons why I have such a great girlfriend.

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