How old do I need to be to purchase marijuana?

My mother walked into the apartment Last monthand asked me how old she needed to be to purchase marijuana, i told her a person needed to be 21, although she didn’t need to worry; Mom was forty-multiple years old, plus I was tempted to tell her she may be too old to purchase marijuana, although she would not have been content.

I asked why she wanted to suppose about marijuana, then she told me she heard that marijuana was legal in Chicago, plus she wanted to buy some, then now, I was laughing.

I could never see mom using marijuana in any form, although she was talking about smoking. She said she would never go outside with marijuana because some of her church friends may see her. I explained that was a good thing, because it was illegal to be in public while using marijuana. Mom asked me to go to the marijuana dispensary with her plus purchase some marijuana for her. I didn’t suppose this was a good idea, plus I tried to put her off until dad came home. I kept hoping my spouse would call because there was an emergency with our youngsters. I wanted to do anything however kneel her plus have the marijuana discussion with my mom. I was ready to pretend my spouse was calling me when dad arrived. I told mom dad could take her to the marijuana dispensary that was multiple blocks away, in Chicago, IL where I lived, plus headed out the door. I could see the confusion on dad’s face plus told him mom would explain everything after I left. I could hear her saying something about her going with me to the marijuana dispensary.

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