Michigan doesn’t have imposed vertical integration rules on cannabis like Florida

I used to live in Florida and I absolutely hated it. People complain about the cold winters in Michigan, but the obscenely hot summers in Florida are just as bad or worse if you don’t have access to air conditioning at all hours of the day. I had to suffer through a summer year with absolutely no air conditioning and I thought I was going to lose my mind. There is a risk of heat stroke in those situations when there are heat advisories and you can’t get out of the heat in your own house. I had a friend whose grandmother died of heat stroke one year because her air conditioner quit working during a heat advisory and she couldn’t get someone out to her home in time to give her assistance. It still breaks my heart to do this day when I remember the incident and how much it shocked my friend at the time. I know he feels like he should have done something about it, but no one even knew she was suffering as bad as she was until the last day she was alive. Someone in their family tried to drive out to her, but didn’t arrive in time. Florida is also frustrating because of its imposed vertical integration on its cannabis market. Michigan supports small businesses with a horizontally integrated cannabis market—there are separate licenses for growers, processors, testers, and retailers, and you’re only required to buy a $4,200 license to get started. In Florida cannabis has to be from seed to sale, meaning you have to invest tens of millions of dollars just to get started in the first place. Florida weed is corporate weed, and it’s sad to see it when I leave Ann Arbor to visit my family back in the south.
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