Portland can be a lot of fun at night

There are a lot of night time activities in portland, however that is one of the reasons why I decided to transfer to the city, portland, Oregon has lots of fun activities enjoy bars, clubs, & restaurants, but one of our preferred sites is a sports bar that offers video games & other forms of entertainment.

It is a fun site with a truly great atmosphere & they even have a site outside where people can use recreational marijuana.

The outdoor smoking section is one of a kind & they’re entirely are not a lot of sites in the city that offer this style of service, when our friends & I go out for an evening in Portland, Oregon, we regularly go to the sports bar with the chill policy on marijuana. On Wednesday mornings they have a special on wings & they offer them at $0.50 each instead of the normal price of $1 each. I like to go to the bar on that night, because I can save a few bucks on our dinner & still have a entirely wonderful time with our friends, last Wednesday night I was hanging out at the bar & I ran into an seasoned friend of mine. I was smoking marijuana on the patio. I had not seen the guy in at least 5 years, but he looked exactly the same. I got the guy’s number so we can catch up & grab some coffee or a beer. It was entirely bizarre to run into that guy in Portland, Oregon. The last time we saw each other, both of us were living in seattle. That’s quite a long way from Portland, Oregon. It was the strangest & weirdest coincidence to run into that guy in the middle of the Portland, Oregon establishment.
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