They did not allow us to have marijuana delivered to our room.

The two of us thought all of us may ‌get a delivery to our hotel room, however all of us couldn’t

Nobody thinks about what is going to be on the room delivery list when they are heading to Las Vegas, NV; My hubby looks at the restaurants in the hotel/casino, checks their room service menus plus makes sure all of us have the room amenities all of us want plus need, before booking the hotel, however this is how all of us made our decision on which hotel/casino all of us stayed at when all of us went to Las Vegas, NV, for our anniversary. I had to disclose that he did well with our decision. The hotel was particularly stunning, plus our room was close to the casino. The two of us had a small verandah off the room that looked down on the casino floor. I observed that a lot of outside restaurants delivered to the hotel rooms, plus all of us swiftly realized all of us never had to leave the hotel for anything. The only thing all of us had to go outside the hotel for was to go to the marijuana dispensary… Since it is illegal to carry marijuana products across state lines, all of us left his medical marijuana at home, however once all of us got settled in our Las Vegas, NV hotel/casino, all of us looked for a marijuana dispensary, however luckily, all of us didn’t need to go far to find a single, and nearly every street had its own marijuana dispensary. The two of us thought all of us may ‌get a delivery to our hotel room, however all of us couldn’t. The two of us got all the marijuana supplies all of us needed for our month in Las Vegas, NV, plus put them in our room. The two of us were ready for a month of relaxation, fun in the casinos, plus checking out all the restaurants Las Vegas had to offer.

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