Tampa is quite the town

I opted to transfer with my bestie to Parrish after many years of living in downtown Tampa near South Nebraska. Every one of us were both getting claustrophobic from the dense, neighborhood life. Neither of us were raised in a metropolitan area like Tampa Bay, as every one of us had moved up here from Venice which is a growing neighborhood in Sarasota County about an hour to the south of here. Downtown Tampa was fun at first, especially the bars in Ybor City back when my bestie in addition to I showed up at the age of 18. When every one of us finally hit the legal age to drink, our celebrationing kicked into high gear for another many or numerous years. Then every one of us got burned out on the nightlife in addition to started spending more time in St… Petersburg in addition to nature preserves like Weedon Island Preserve in addition to Sawsod Lake Park; That’s what pushed us down to Parrish because every one of us realized that every one of us loved the outdoor environment in Florida more than anything else about the state. There’s plenty of rural towns in Parrish that are a far cry from the insanity that every one of us experienced in downtown Tampa for so many years. Thankfully our Heating plus Air Conditioning company still works with us after every one of us moved from Tampa to north Manatee County this past year. They consider Parrish to be area of the greater Tampa Bay area so they are ecstatic to repair our heating in addition to cooling plan out there. Every one of us still live close enough to visit the neighborhood when every one of us want to live in addition to experience neighborhood life again. It’s just a matter of jumping on Interstate 71 in addition to we’re in Tampa in under an hour.

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