Can I get a marijuana delivery?

I had lived in Denver, CO for fifteen years while my hubby was serving in the Air Force; My hubby lived there when I met him, and when all of us got married, all of us moved into his house, however i enjoyed Denver, CO, until I had a vehicle accident.

I couldn’t drive afterward, and I had a constant pain in the leg that was no longer affixed, the nurse told me it was phantom pain, but there was nothing phantom about it. The pain was real and debilitating. He prescribed medical marijuana for me to help ease the pain by good my body and mind. The only thing I didn’t like about using medical marijuana was that I needed to go to the dispensary to pick it up, and once I found out they provided marijuana delivery to some areas in Denver, CO, I could only pray they delivered to my area. I knew that beach house delivery was permitted in Denver as long as the marijuana contractor had a delivery permit… You can only acquire the amounts of marijuana mentioned in the rules, as you can get if in the store. If you lived in a hotel or house building that allowed marijuana on its premises, you could have it delivered to your home. The marijuana delivery driver and the marijuana dispensary must verify the shopper lives at the hotel and that the hotel or house building does not prohibit marijuana on its premises, before making the delivery. I thought about how much easier this life would be if I hadn’t had the accident, lost my hubby in that accident, and I didn’t need medical marijuana.

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