My partner was thrilled about going to San Francisco

San Francisco, CA is a single one of the most wonderful cities in the state.

  • It is home to Golden Gate Bridge as well as the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

It is also home to Alcatraz Island, which was used as a federal prison for quite a few years. There are a number of areas that have shopping as well as boutiques that sell soaps, perfumes, as well as clothing. One of my preferred things about San Francisco is the weather. The average temperatures are usually only around 81 degrees. The space is sunny as well as rarely experiences a bunch of rain. Last Springtime, I mentioned going to San Francisco to my spouse. I thought it would be the perfect arena to take our summertime vacation, because the summertime temperatures are a tad bit cooler than most other areas. When I mentioned San Francisco, my spouse instantly was wishing to go to Alcatraz Island to see the ancient penitentiary. I mentioned a couple of other arenas that I thought my spouse would appreciate. I also told my spouse that it would be cool to enjoy some marijuana while in San Francisco, because CA has legalized recreational as well as medical marijuana. I found several cannabis shops nearby to our hotel as well as I thought it could be a relatively fun way to spend a single night. The two of us bought a cannabis cigarette from a legal shop as well as both of us took a walk by the bay. It was a chilly night, however both of us had so much fun going around the place. The trip to CA was incredible as well as a single great experience that I hope both of us will get to repeat eventually.



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