The people I was with and I rolled joints plus went to the Topanga State Park to hike for the afternoon

I l gained how to roll a joint from our older brother.

He was three years ahead of me plus I tried to hang out with him plus his friends whenever they’d allow it.

And because of our age, they pushed me away most of the time. The people I was with and I lived in a number of peculiar towns in the San Fernando Valley plus I struggled to maintain a consistent friend group. The kids in these southern Californian schools were taxing plus formed strong cliques. That’s why I typically followed our older brother around if he’d allow it. In retrospect, I should be thankful for his influence on me at the time. Sure, you might say it wasn’t right for him to let me try marijuana at 16, despite the fact that I had been pestering him for years plus he typically told me “no way” with no further explanation. When I told him that I had studied meditation from books I got from our uncle, I tried to get him to see it from our perspective. For all I knew, cannabis would be a relaxing meditation aid. Once I was officially a “smoke buddy” of our brother plus his close friends, I soon l gained the art of rolling joints. Now that I’m nestled into the Tarzana area along the Santa Monica Mountains, I’m still rolling joints the way our brother taught me all those years ago. Recently our bestie plus I stopped at a dispensary in Tarzana to get the best cannabis flower products that all of us could find in the area. Then all of us rolled a bunch of joints plus packed a dinner so all of us could hike throughout Topanga State Park for the afternoon. The people I was with and I had loads of fun plus grew closer after the trip.



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