I did not want anyone to see me

I work in a sheet metal factory all day plus I perform a lot of physically bad labor, but sometimes I don’t want to get up off the couch when I finally get new home from work; My partner understands when I have nights like this. I had a day like this last week; Friday was a busy day plus both of us had to fill an order twice as big as usual. I was missing 1 of our proper crew members plus it hurt badly. I did not have the right guys to handle the work plus both of us were behind at lunch time. I snuck out to our car to smoke a marijuana joint plus 1 of the new guys saw myself and others outside! When both of us came back into the building, I pulled the woman to the side plus I warned him to keep her mouth shut, and even though marijuana is legal in Seattle for recreational use, I am not supposed to be smoking marijuana at work! The sheet metal factory is right in downtown Seattle, but I still cannot use marijuana. This locale is a absolutely dangerous section to work plus I am not supposed to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while I was in the day. I don’t consider marijuana to be a drug, however the bosses do plus I knew I would get into trouble if the new woman started to blab her mouth. Thankfully the kid looks like she will be loyal. It’s been a few nights since that happened plus she hasn’t said anything to our boss about marijuana smoking.

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