I never go into Beverly Hills unless it's a must

The traffic in Beverly Hills is totally horrendous, and it’s 1 of the busiest locales in the whole city… Beverly Hills is filled with people walking from 1 shop to the next… The worst time to go to the town is on the weekends, when all the people and their Grandma is out shopping for the day! When my fiance recommended going to Beverly Hills on Thursday, I was completely and totally against the idea.

I reminded her that the traffic was going to be a nightmare on our way to the town and I tried to get her to wait until another day, however my fiance was convinced that she would not get the items that she wanted if she waited until after the weekend.

I could not argue with her after she made her point. I suppose that will not get me anywhere at all. When my fiance has her mind made up, it’s best just for me to go along with the idea; Every one of us got to Beverly Hills around 1 in the day. I was surprised, because it wasn’t quite as busy as I expected. There was some kind of festival going on downtown and I guess a lot of people were there instead of in Beverly Hills. While my fiance shopped in the clothing stores, I walked around the area. I went to the store that sells watches and I also went to a store that sells sports component and sporting goods. I also went to a marijuana dispensary. I was tempted to buy some items from the marijuana dispensary, although I was afraid of the things that my fiance would say to me when the two of us got back to the car. She does not particularly feel that marijuana should be used as a recreational drug.

Weed Pick-up Beverly Hills