I came to Las Vegas for fun, and I found it.

My friends and I were heading to Las Vegas, NV for Spring vacation from college, and we were planning on having fun.For years, we had been hearing her parents talk about going to Las Vegas and spending money in the casinos.

We did our own research, and found at least 10 different museums that we would like to visit, including the museum of monsters that was ‌in a small town in the desert.We had an amazing time with all of our sightseeing, and relaxing by the shore of the lake.

One of the best times we had in Las Vegas, NV, was after we discovered the marijuana dispensaries they had in the city. When we realized you could buy recreational marijuana in Las Vegas,We knew the fun was about to begin. It seems like Las Vegas, NV, had a recreational marijuana dispensary on every corner. As long as you could show your driver’s license to prove you were 21, you could purchase recreational marijuana. They caution you not to carry outside of Las Vegas, NV, because it is illegal to carry recreational marijuana across state lines, and/or in airports.Not only did we find recreational marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, NV, but we found marijuana cafes. The Cannabis Café had every imaginable goodie you could think of. They had the special brownies, cupcakes, sodas, and lunch items such as hamburgers and french fries, that were all infused with some kind of marijuana. Even the coffee that I ordered was marijuana infused. We came to Las Vegas, NV, for fun, and we found the fun.



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