My sister wants me to come to Portland to visit her

My sister moved to Portland, Oregon last year and ever since she moved there, she has been begging me to come out there to visit her.

I keep telling her that I don’t really want to come all the way out there because it will be literally thousands of miles that I will have to travel to get there to visit her. However, she keeps telling me that Portland is totally worth the trip. She is trying to entice me with promises of museums, sports arenas, theaters, parks, and all kinds of shopping. She says that there are so many attractions in downtown Portland that it would keep me busy for days. She says that the boutiques are to die for and that the local coffee houses where they grind your beans right in front of you for a pourover are simply amazing. I keep telling her that I’m not interested, but she keeps going on and on about all of the amazing food vendors and food cards that are all around the square downtown and it’s starting to wear me down. I love live music and being in the middle of a bustling town square full of food, music, and interesting people. She knows that, and I think that’s why she keeps asking me to come out. She finally wore me down when she told me that there is a legal cannabis dispensary around the corner from her apartment. With my sister, food, music, shopping, and cannabis products, there’s really not much more that I could ask for.


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