I ate a cannabis edible before heading to the CN Tower after work last night

You have to be really careful with cannabis edibles when you aren’t the person buying them from the marijuana store. One time a buddy of mine bought a bunch of chocolates from a new weed store in North York. For whatever reason, he decided to remove the packaging before giving them out to his friends. He gave me a chocolate that was supposed to be 50mg of THC, but instead the candy had over 400mg of THC. Of course I stupidly ate the entire thing in one sitting before we all jumped on the subway to visit the Toronto Botanical Garden. Thankfully we were in a calming environment for that hellish experience that I will never forget. I started to feel these violent waves of pulsing energy going through my body that started in my feet and rose up through my legs and into my torso. I realized something was seriously wrong as I had taken 100mg of RSO in the past and had felt nothing like this before. That’s when I stammered to my friend that something must be wrong because I couldn’t believe he gave me a 50mg candy. We looked in the bag and that’s when we found the wrapper… Needless to say, this had me terrified of weed edibles for years. It took my girlfriend serious convincing to get me to try an edible with her last night, on our way to the CN Tower no less. She said that they were special gummies made from live rosin and it was a calming strain—the wonderful indica, Crescendo! By the time we reached the top, my high was peaking and I felt wonderful.


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