Learning to love vapes

I’ve always stuck with smoking old-school cannabis flower.

I like the tradition of it.

The buds of the female cannabis plant are harvested, dried and rolled up into a joint. I enjoy the inhalation process, the taste of the smoke and the effects. What I don’t like is the work and mess involved. Rolling my own joints or blunts takes time, precision and specialized gear. There’s always waste. I soemtimes roll the joint or blunt too thin or thick. I sometimes end up with a very unsatisfying and inconsistent burn. I’ve tried pre-rolls but they offten hide sub par bud inside. I don’t want to get stuck with seeds, stems or shake. Pre-rolls still require that I have access to a lighter and an ashtray. The budtender at the local Ann Arbor dispensary finally convinced me to try vapes. I was skeptical about vaping. It’s such a modern process. I felt like I was losing the very essence of smoking weed. I was totally wrong. The vapes heat cannabis oil just to the point of converting it into vapor. They eliminate the combustion process, which retains the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpenes. The taste is absolutely incredible. Plus, vapes have become extremely popular and lucrative, inspiring every manufacturer to produce new strains. The selection of vapes are nearly endless. There are all sorts of indicas, hybrids and sativas that provide outstanding flavor and cannabinoid content. I can choose from high THC percentages, pure CBD or an equal balance of the two. I have my choice between refillable and disposable cartridges. I can buy rechargable or disposable pens. All I need to do is bush a button and inhale. There is no ash or teltale smell and the smoke dissipates instantly, making vapes wonderfully discreet. They are also easily portable.

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