My favorite dispensaries are on Ventura Blvd

Before I moved to Los Angeles County, I was living in San Diego toward the south.

My first foray with cannabis happened when I was a senior in high school. A friend of mine brought a joint on a car ride to a concert in the city 40 minutes from our hometown. It was seedy weed from Mexico—what we effectively called “mids” back in the day. This stuff was vacuum-sealed in Mexico and packed into bricks before being shipped to the United States. It was always full of stems and seeds and usually smelled and tasted like a moldy basement. But when I had no prior experience with cannabis up to that point, I didn’t know any different. All weed was weed to me back then, but I’ll never forget the first time I had “chronic” or sensimilla cannabis a few months later at a different friend’s house. When you force the cannabis plant to flower without pollination, you get buds that can devote their energy to trichome production instead of making seeds. That way you get a much more potent form of cannabis. Thankfully that’s all you find these days in dispensaries in California and Tarzana more specifically. Some of my favorite dispensaries in Tarzana are directly on Ventura Blvd and I typically pass at least four or five of them on my way to work every single day. Before I moved to Los Angeles County, I was living in San Diego toward the south. My friends would take road trips up to Los Angeles so much that I eventually decided to move here. After getting a job with a tech company in the San Fernando Valley, the rest was history. Despite the high recreational cannabis tax rates here in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, I can’t imagine living anywhere else or smoking anyone else’s weed than what I find here in Tarzana.

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