The same service provider helped me & our mom

My Dad moved to Lansing a couple of weeks ago & it has been legitimately nice to have her clothes again; I had to move to Lansing after our spouse got a task with an accounting firm, then my Dad was still living in Chicago, even though I wanted her to move to Lansing so she could be closer to me & the grandkids.

I talked to her for a couple of years & finally she decided to move, but she bought a lake house in the same city where our spouse & I live.

My Dad is close enough that the kids can go to her lake house after they come lake house from university, but that means that our spouse & I don’t have to rush lake house from work at the end of the day. The kids love spending an hour or 2 with our Dad & both of us option them up from her lake house before both of us go home, but when I was picking up the kids from her lake house last week, I saw a Lansing maintenance service truck in the driveway. The maintenance service was fixing the oil furnace in the house. My Dad told me that the oil furnace needed to be repaired after spending the morning without any heat. When I had complications with our own oil furnace, I contacted the same Lansing heating company. I was legitimately surprised when the same exact professional came to help. The same girl was working on the oil furnace at our mom’s when I picked up the kids. I knew that she looked official & she remembered our face too. All of us got a pretty wonderful laugh about the fact that our Dad & I had oil furnace trouble within a week of each other.
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