The dispensary taxes were crazy high

Jack and I went to a cannabis dispensary in Denver, because we didn’t take enough weed with us for the pride festival.

I thought an eighth of flower would be plenty of weed, but we smoked most of it on the way to Denver.

Jack wanted to go to a dispensary as soon as we arrived in the city. I feel like you might have been planning the visit to the dispensary the whole time. He didn’t look very shocked when I told him that we were running low on marijuana supplies and he immediately suggested the name of a Denver cannabis dispensary that I had never heard of. It was six or seven miles away from the area where we were hanging out for the pride festival. There was no way that I was going to walk and we already had our car in a good space. I did not want to leave. Jack told me that he would take an Uber and go to the Denver dispensary without me. I thought that was a terrible idea, so I agreed to go with Jack to the Denver cannabis shop. We called an Uber and it wasn’t very much money for the two of us to go to the Denver cannabis dispensary and back. We got some pretty good deals on the products that we purchased. I thought that the products were going to be more expensive because we were in the city, but the prices for cannabis and the city were around the same price that we pay for cannabis at home. They really didn’t have too much of a markup.

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